omnichannel benchmarking report

India Phygital Index Survey 2024

An initiative by Strategy& (a PwC network firm), Images Group, and Fynd. Join the mission

Leading participants in the 2023 survey

Why participate?

Assess the ground reality of your omnichannel strategies. Get a chance to gauge where you stand today against your industry peers and define stronger strategies for tomorrow

Benchmark your brand against peers

Position your brand against other industry leaders for a competitive edge and showcase your level of omnichannel maturity

Gain recognition and accolades

Showcase your brand's commitment to adjust to a new digital reality and position yourself as an innovator in the retail landscape

Fill gaps

Identify the gaps between ground reality and brand ideology, and evaluate the efficacy of your omnichannel strategies with mystery audits

Best practices

Identify the best practices for in-store experiences, order fulfillment, marketing, and tech stack for offline and online convergence

Future insights

Get insights into omnichannel trends in 2025 and capitalize on them to stay ahead of the curve

Chart your roadmap

Identify your areas of improvement, emerging trends, and incorporate into your future omnichannel strategies successfully

Behind the curtain

Our methodology and approach behind preparing this report

Collecting direct responses from retail brands via the survey across 300+ brands
Fortifying the findings and filling the gaps with mystery audits conducted by a 3rd party across stores
Extracting key trends and best practices by analyzing survey findings and audit reports
Measuring and collating insights into an extensively researched report, with validation by partners at Strategy&
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Coverage across 300+ retail brands, 8 categories

The 2023 report gave participating retail brands insights on:

Evolution of commerce penetration evolve

Convergence of online and offline shopping journeys

Can retailers chart their independent online path

Secret sauce of winning in omnichannel

Imperatives for the C-suite

Unveiling on 8 May 2024 at Phygital Retail Convention, Mumbai

Hope to see you there! Know more about the event here.