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We’re fast-tracking innovation with two brilliant CTPOs!

April 28, 2024
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In a nutshell

  • Fynd’s key engineering figures, Jigar Dafda and Kushan Shah, are now Chief Technology and Product Officers (CTPOs)!
  • Jigar will oversee research and development in Commerce, Big Data, Gaming, AI and several emerging areas.
  • Kushan will guide our persistent innovation in customer engagement and supply chain optimization.
  • Both our CTPOs will prioritize innovation and quality in our products, and work on making Fynd a comprehensive go-to for every retailer.

“We are an innovation-first company. Jigar and Kushan have been key figures in helping us break new ground and build AI-powered products that solve very real problems for our brands,” said Farooq Adam, Co-founder of Fynd. “They are the leaders we need to capitalize on our young, innovation-centric culture.”

Jigar has been a catalyst in Fynd’s future-forward tech research and product development which has given the company distinguished, AI-powered products like Copilot.live, PixelBin.io, Boltic.io and our Embedded Finance platform. Kushan has helped automate a major part of Fynd Commerce Platform’s infrastructure and has spearheaded the development of several supply chain modules like our Distributed Order Management System, Warehouse Management System, Transport Management System and AI developer tooling.

Following their appointment as CTPOs, Jigar and Kushan will lead our efforts to expand our product portfolio and improve platforms with intelligent features that position Fynd as a global leader in retail tech.

About Jigar

Jigar started his journey with Fynd in 2015 as a Web Team Lead. He leveraged his technical expertise to build complex yet lucid frontend applications that helped us provide stand-out user experiences to our clients. He also shouldered the responsibility of maintaining a high-quality codebase for Fynd. He was appointed as the Principal Software Architect in the next year; a position where he spent 5 years building products like Fynd Commerce Platform, GlamAR, PixelBin and Frolic from the ground up.

He played a key role in ingraining composability into Fynd Commerce Platform, which allows retailers to tailor our solutions to their unique tech stacks and needs. Thanks to his commitment to constant innovation and able leadership, our teams were successful in leveraging emerging AI and ML technologies to add now key features to all of these products.

Jigar was appointed the Head of Product and Engineering (HoPE) in 2022, where he kickstarted R&D and incubation for groundbreaking, intelligent planning and management capabilities like address optimisation, personalised product recommendations and an in-house big data platform.

About Kushan

Kushan started at Fynd as a Platform Engineer back in 2015. He built the entire online OMS platform for Fynd.com (a marketplace back then), and later scaled it to cover all downstream use-cases. He transitioned to Principal Architect in 2016 where he helped automate the entire tech infrastructure supporting Fynd’s platforms.

His work on Fynd OMS proved to be a cornerstone for our comprehensive and intelligent suite of supply chain solutions — Fynd SCM. Thanks to his team’s persistent efforts, Fynd OMS is now a best-in-class retail distributed order management system fit for businesses of all sizes and complexities.

He was later appointed the Head of Engineering in 2022 where he overlooked new product development in the Supply Chain, Customer Engagement and Engineering Productivity domain

What’s Next?

Jigar will lead R&D in Commerce, Big Data, and online gaming along with his continued work with AI. He will be the key catalyst for all of Fynd’s AI innovation efforts that aim to use the latest tech to solve ground-level problems retailers face. “We want to become the undisputed leader in commerce tech platforms, and capitalizing on AI and robotics is the only way to do that.

My priority is to use both tech and talent as fuel for Fynd’s stellar future.” said Jigar. Kushan’s main areas of work will be Supply Chain Optimization, Customer Engagement Platforms & Engineering Productivity. His team is researching innovative AI and ML technologies that will help Fynd power faster, cost-effective supply chains and improved, world-class customer experiences.

“We will hold the bar high for the products we ship. Now that Fynd is on its way towards becoming a global name, our focus will be on scaling our technology and innovating to meet the demands of retailers across the globe.” said Kushan.

Press Release
We’re fast-tracking innovation with two brilliant CTPOs!
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