Simplify your delivery fleet management

Organize and manage your last-mile operations with end-to-end fleet management and intelligent route optimization

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Offer cheaper deliveries to customers

Automate daily tasks and get optimized delivery routes

Keep customers updated about their shipments

Get micro visibility into fleet operations

Put your last mile first

Mismanaged last-mile deliveries can lead to skyrocketing shipping costs and frustrated customers left waiting for their orders. With a dedicated solution, you can organize your drivers into a last-mile ‘fleet’

Verticals we serve

Manage your delivery fleet with ease, no matter what your industry demands

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What you can do with Fynd TMS

Seamless delivery management for every kind of order

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Fleet onboarding & management

Onboard your delivery fleet and manage all daily operations on one platform. Track every order in real time and communicate with drivers to resolve issues on the go

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Proof of delivery

Receive and approve proof of delivery within the platform. This can include in-app shipment scans, OTP verification, location sharing, image uploads, and other important documents

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Same day delivery

Enable on-demand deliveries and deliver packages within hours. Move high-priority orders up the queue and track them with real-time updates

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Scheduled delivery

Arrange for deliveries to be made during certain time slots. Schedule tasks and allow customers to select their preferred delivery time

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Internal stock transfers

Manage your inventory flow by scheduling stock transfer between stores

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Multiple pick-up and drop-off options

Ensure efficient deliveries with intelligent route configuration. Options include single pick-single drop, single pick-multi drop, multi pick-single drop, and multi pick-multi drop

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Live order tracking

Assure eager customers with live tracking where they see their shipments move in real time. Keep them informed about the delivery status with instant updates

How it works

From order creation to final delivery, manage every aspect effortlessly

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Order fetching

Orders are fetched from any integrated platform like an OMS, CRM, ERP, Store POS, or created directly on the platform

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Batch creation

Order shipments are bundled together into ‘batches’. Batches can be created automatically via user-defined rules or manually

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Route optimization

Fynd TMS finds the fastest, most optimal delivery route for each batch, taking real-time traffic into account

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Trip creation

Each trip is broken down into manageable ‘tasks’, such as pickup, drop-off, installation, payment collection, etc.

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Driver assignment

Trips are assigned to drivers based on availability, proximity, and vehicle capacity

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Driver collects and scans the shipment to mark it as picked. On delivery, the driver uploads necessary proofs (such as OTP, scans, image upload) to conclude the task

Redefining Retail
Innovative Technology
Elevating Experiences
Redefining Retail
Innovative Technology
Elevating Experiences
Redefining Retail
Innovative Technology
Elevating Experiences
Redefining Retail
Innovative Technology
Elevating Experiences
Redefining Retail
Innovative Technology
Elevating Experiences
Redefining Retail
Innovative Technology
Elevating Experiences
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