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Expand your customer base and show online shoppers your store inventory on all Google surfaces

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Powering local inventory for leading retailers

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Powering local inventory for leading retailers

64% of shoppers visit Google before buying. Be their first choice.

Capture high-intent shoppers searching for 'near me' or 'nearby' options and steer them directly to your store

Showcase in-store inventory online for free

Local product listings are free of cost and showcase your in-store products on Google search, driving eager shoppers to discover and visit your stores

Hyperlocal targeting

Reach customers near your stores through local product listings on Google Search and Google Maps, catering to all search types

More store visits

Local product listings guide online shoppers searching for nearby products directly to your physical stores, increasing foot traffic

Increased brand discoverability

A product page with in-store availability enhances visibility and drives organic web traffic by linking directly to your brand's website, increasing your online presence

Display important store badges to shoppers

Enhance your local product listings with badges highlighting same-day delivery, sales, pick-up options, and various other annotations

Go even further with ads

Take your in-store product listings even further by running local inventory ad campaigns that highlight your in-store products

How Fynd's expertise can help

Our integration seamlessly syncs your store and inventory data with Google in real-time, powering businesses in India, UAE, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and Singapore

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No manual inventory checks required

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Support during implementation and scaling

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Hassle-free product and catalog feed uploads

Getting started is easy as 1-2-3

Boost your store visibility on Google with Fynd. Get started in just 1-2 weeks!

Set up your Google Merchant Center (GMC) and Google Business Profile (GBP) accounts
Set up your Fynd Commerce Platform account
Add your store locations and product catalogs with barcodes
Enable the Google Shopping extension on your Fynd Commerce Platform account
Your inventory and product feed is now live!
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Drive in-store visits from local customers searching for what you sell

Fynd helps highlight your products on Google Search and Maps

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Frequently asked questions

What is Google Local Inventory?

Local Inventory on Google is an integration linking a retailer's in-store inventory with Google's search platform. It helps retailers display their physical store's products online, improving local visibility and bridging the online-to-offline shopping experience.

What are Google Local Inventory Ads?

Google Local Inventory Ads are targeted ads using the Google Local Inventory system. They promote in-store products to nearby Google users, showcasing availability, pricing, and store information to drive shoppers to physical retail locations.

How much does it cost to list my products on Google?

You can list your products on Google (Local Inventory Listings) and appear in search results for free. You can also run paid Local Inventory Ad campaigns to reach more users.

How do I enable local inventory in India, UAE, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, or Singapore?

To enable Local Inventory on Google in India, UAE, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, or Singapore, you must start with a Google Merchant Center account and a Google My Business account. If you don't have one, don't worry – with Fynd's integration with Google, we're here to help. We'll assist you in setting up your Google Merchant Center account and guide you through the entire process of uploading your Local Inventory Listings.

What is needed to participate in local inventory feeds?

To launch local inventory feeds, first register your stores on Google Business Profile and then upload your product data to the Google Merchant Center. The whole setup process should take about 1-2 weeks.

Where can my local products show up?

In addition to showing up in local inventory listings on Google Search, your products will also be eligible to show up on Google Search and Google Maps, catering to all search types.