Self-checkouts for faster, hassle-free conversions

A mobile scan-and-go checkout solution for seamless in-store shopping. Reduce checkout queues and empower customers with the convenience of paying right from their mobile web browser

Powering store self-checkout for leading retailers

Find out how self-checkouts are a win-win for your customers and you

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Fynd & Go in numbers

Switch to a self-checkout that delivers results

Powering local inventory for leading retailers

Making checkouts faster, simpler, and more personalized

Fynd & Go offers more than your average self-checkout solution. Here’s what makes it the mobile checkout with a difference

Simple mobile scanning

Customers can effortlessly scan products with their mobile camera, check product details, and pay—all within their mobile web browser

Customized shopping experience

Customers get tailored product recommendations on their accounts with saved purchase history and payment preferences

White-labeled checkout page

Tailor the checkout page to your brand language and integrate with your loyalty programs

Discounts and promotions

All in-store promotions and discounts are auto-applied to customer carts

Payment methods and digital receipts

Offer a wide range of contactless payment options and send digital order receipts via SMS

Order validation and loss prevention

Prevent shrinkage with QR code scanning of invoice at store exit, for hassle-free order validation

Why Fynd & Go?

Our on-the-go checkouts and contactless payments help you create store experiences that turn shoppers into loyal customers

Reduces abandoned carts and drop-offs

Increases average basket value

Optimizes your retail space and saves costs

Relieves your store staff from the stress of checkouts during rush hours

Encourages quick purchases in large format stores

Yousta needs to appeal to the tech-savvy Gen Z cohort, and Fynd & Go offered an important feature to reduce waiting in the billing queues, and comfortably complete the in-store billing on their own mobile phones.

Surya Srinivas C

Business Head, Yousta,
Reliance Fashion and Lifestyle

Experience lightning-fast checkouts with Fynd & Go
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Frequently asked questions

What is Fynd & Go, and how does it revolutionize the shopping experience?

Fynd and Go is an innovative scan & go solution that elevates the shopping experience through mobile self-checkout technology. It enables shoppers to use QR code scanning or barcode scanning to add items to their digital cart as they shop. This system integrates contactless payment methods, allowing customers to skip traditional checkout lines for a quicker, hasslefree payment process, making it ideal for busy individuals and tech enthusiasts.

Is Fynd & Go suitable for all types of retail businesses?

Absolutely! Fynd & Go is versatile and beneficial for various retail formats, from small boutiques to larger stores. It integrates features like QR code scanning, barcode scanning, and contactless payment, enhancing the self-checkout process and improving checkout efficiency across different retail environments.

How does contactless payment benefit retail customers?

Contactless payment, a prominent feature of Fynd & Go, offers a secure and expedient mobile self-checkout experience. It minimizes waiting times and enhances customer satisfaction by providing a seamless, hasslefree payment method during the self-checkout process.

How does the scanning feature work in Fynd & Go?

The scanning feature in Fynd & Go is user-friendly and efficient. Customers initiate the process by scanning the Fynd & Go QR code, then use their device to perform barcode scanning for each product. Items are automatically added to the digital cart, streamlining the mobile self-checkout process and enabling a swift, hasslefree payment experience.