Superdry's Mobile-First Approach & Its Success With In-Store Omnichannel

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August 22, 2022
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Customer Story
Superdry's Mobile-First Approach & Its Success With In-Store Omnichannel


Superdry is a UK-based clothing brand with products having a fusion of American styling with Japanese-inspired graphics. With the large appeal of its products and changing trends in the retail world, team Superdry knew they had to consciously invest in tech-led growth to satisfy the ever-changing needs of the new-age Superdry consumer.

Early Days

Superdry leveraged Fynd to prevent loss of sales happening at its stores. With such a high influx of customers at Superdry stores, it was imperative that they invest in a ‘save-the-sale’ omnichannel product. 

With a structured effort from the Superdry team and Fynd Store Account Managers, the brand was tapping in 5-10% loss of sale opportunities at its stores. Store-wise Fynd Store targets were set, a growth plan was laid out, and within months Superdry stores made the in-store omnichannel model a success.

More than Save-the-Sale

Customer journey is non-linear in this new-age retail world. A customer discovers something online, goes to a store to try some products, may purchase online, or pickup from the store. They need contactless payments and an assururance of seamless returns and refunds.

Superdry was quick to realize that it needed a mobile-first approach to satiate the modern consumer. Superdry’s Fashion Consultants have the Fynd Store app installed on their phones. With a unique login for every Fashion Consultant and Store Manager, each staff was able to deliver a seamless customer experience. Thus, the Fynd Store app was positioned as the brand’s own omnichannel app. 

Value proposition for the store, its staff, and the customers

Fynd for Superdry Stores

The COVID-19 pandemic made it necessary for stores to change old habits of selling. Contactless payments were the need of the hour. Stores leveraged Fynd to position themselves as a provider of contactless and multiple modes of payment. Engaging and customizable UI/UX of the Fynd Store app brought the convenience of online shopping alongside the in-store buying experience.

Fynd for Superdry Staff

Staff could now work directly with customers—be it getting the details of any product by scanning them, locating out-of-stock products in nearby stores, to running payments for booking bundled orders. With access to customers’ previous orders, the store staff was able to provide personalized shopping recommendations to their customers.

Fynd for Store’s Customers 

Shoppers entering Superdry stores were already tech-savvy. The Fynd Store app accelerated product discovery—they could easily discover in-store and out-of-stock products, discover unique Superdry collections, and shop directly from their mobile phones. Sale periods see a high influx of customers. Fynd Store app was also used as a mobile POS and became the queue buster in the stores, saving time for its customers.

Omnichannel Growth & Way Ahead

Consumers' shopping path is no longer linear. No two customer journeys are alike, and every customer has a different set of needs, wants, and experiences. But what is common is shoppers’ connection with their mobile devices. Mobile is not just another channel, it needs to be woven into an organization’s fabric which could benefit customers, staff, and your business. Mobile-first approach is a winning approach for a retail brand. 

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Customer Story
Superdry's Mobile-First Approach & Its Success With In-Store Omnichannel
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