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What makes FILA run smoother?

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Customer Story
What makes FILA run smoother?

In this case study you will learn

  • How FILA built a quick, easy and cost-efficient online platform to launch FILA x BTS collection in India
  • How FILA managed its post-sales operation for FILA x BTS collection
  • How FILA expanded live inventory & visibility on 3P marketplaces
  • How FILA eased its operations with customised dashboards

About FILA

A century-old beloved and renowned brand, FILA started out in underwear, made its name in functional and performance sportswear, and is today a beloved athleisure and streetwear brand. Founded in 1911 in Italy, FILA is now owned and operated from South Korea since a takeover in 2007.

FILA entered the Indian market in collaboration with the Batra Group. Today, this worldwide player is a hit across all the major e-commerce platforms, has its own online webstore, and has 40+ stores across India.

FILA x Fynd


FILA started its association with Fynd in September 2020. That’s also when it ventured into its first ever collaboration with the international music band BTS and launched the FILA x BTS collection.

FILA decided to launch the collection in India on pre-orders, exclusively available through Fynd Store. After the grand success of this three-day sale, FILA extended its partnership with Fynd in October 2020 for marketplace integrations, aiming to strengthen the distribution of its products on India’s top marketplace platforms. Within two months, sales on marketplaces jumped 4000% that fostered FILA’s confidence in Fynd. Since then, monthly average sales for FILA on marketplaces have boosted by 5x.

Roadmap so far...

Currently live on Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Tata CLiQ, and Tata CLiQ Luxury, FILA has shown a remarkable rise in total omnichannel sales on these marketplaces.

Currently, FILA drives a large chunk of ecommerce sales from Myntra. Grand annual sale events like the End of Season Sale (EOSS) & the New Year sales have given FILA a 2x jump in monthly sales during both the events. FILA crossed a new milestone in 2022 by making the highest ever sale on Flipkart during the year-end sale.


FILA x BTS “Love Yourself” collection, exclusively launched on Fynd Store in India for pre-orders

Challenge #1: Launching a platform for pre-order sales that is easy & cost-efficient in limited time

Fynd’s Solution: Multiple customizations on the FILA Fynd Store web domain to add the required functionalities

FILA announced the release of FILA x BTS “Love Yourself” collection in India in September 2020. The collection had to go live for pre-orders for a three-day sale period—September 23, 2020 to September 25, 2020. Stock of the upcoming collection wasn't available in any Indian warehouse or store and was yet to be shipped from Korea.

Challenges arose in setting up an online platform with the required functionalities within the stipulated time. Implementing this on the existing FILA India website or even other traditional website platforms was not a feasible choice due to (1) timelines, and (2) the exorbitant costs involved.

Enter Fynd Store.

The fila.fyndstore.co web domain helped in cutting corners and launching this collection. With no coding required, a number of customizations were quickly implemented on Fynd Store. Features from the global brand website were easily replicated for a uniform branded look and feel. A nearly four-week task was completed in just 3 days.

Some of the features that were tailor-made and integrated on Fynd Store for FILA:

  • Going live at midnight
  • Intentional display of out-of-stock products to create an urgency for the customers
  • Not displaying the expected delivery timeline
  • Processing orders after 10-day lag when stocks arrived at the Indian warehouse
  • Teaser display of BTS collection banner before the live sale without displaying the product collection
  • Visible tab for BTS collection on the domain
  • Customized product display page with brand logo


Fynd Store Team meticulously operated on the project and implemented multiple customized functionalities, meeting all expectations for the sale event. It was a first of its kind project, for both FILA and Fynd Store. Around 300 orders worth ₹17 lac (100% prepaid) with 2,000 SKUs covering 50 styles for the BTS collection were placed on Fynd Store in the 3-day sale period.

FILA x BTS collection included clothes, shoes and accessories. Almost 70% of the pre-orders were for shoes—a challenging category as shoe sizes can be tricky.


Challenge #2: Catering to last-minute reduced prices & refunds

Fynd Solution:

The challenges did not end here. Post-sale, FILA fans complained about the high prices of the BTS collection on Instagram. In response, FILA reduced prices and also offered a refund of the reduced amount on the pre-ordered products. This required immense operational tasks that involved multiple team collaboration—Finance, Customer Support, and Operations.

Fynd extended its support even for post-sales operations at no additional cost. Fynd’s Finance Team transacted all refunds on prepaid orders. Fynd’s Customer Delight Team sent out customized SMS, emails and phone calls to FILA’s customers, setting an example of exceptional customer support and agility in handling the last minute adjustments.


Marketplaces Integration: Increase live inventory & visibility on ecommerce platforms

Challenge #3: How to expand live inventory & visibility on ecommerce platforms

FILA, like most others, had to shut its brick-and-mortar stores during the first lockdown of the pandemic. Strategically, FILA shifted its focus towards strengthening its presence on Indian ecommerce platforms. In October 2020, FILA’s warehouse inventory & catalog went live on Fynd Platform.

Fynd Solution #1: Analysis of total warehouse inventory vs inventory live on marketplaces

To maximize product listing on ecommerce marketplaces, Fynd carried out an intensive inventory mapping of styles live on marketplaces against the styles present in the warehouse. Inventory coverage on marketplaces came out to be just 9% of the total inventory at the warehouse.

Fynd identified the gaps in product listing by:

Cut-size product analysis: Fynd’s study revealed gaps like listing of only one size for a style, while the warehouse held a higher inventory.

Non-grouped product analysis: Product variants were listed on different pages that did not appear on search results.

80% products were present in cut-sizes on Myntra & 90% on Flipkart.

Fynd’s Cataloging Team grouped all variants & sizes together.

Result: Higher inventory visibility→ higher conversion rate.

Buffer vs Sales analysis: In order to reduce stockouts of fast-selling products and to safeguard against defective products, Amazon sets aside a buffer stock on its panel. At times, it could be a downside for the brand as it also reduces the inventory on display.

Fynd conducted a study in June 2021 to analyze the loss of sales for FILA due to 5 units as buffer stock. Fynd explored the possible increase in sales with reduced buffer stock units on Amazon.

As an outcome, FILA opted for 3 buffer stock units in the second week of June 2021, moving to one by the last week of June 2021, and sales increased as were projected.

Result: Warehouse inventory listed on marketplaces massively went up to 40,000, rising by 400% in July 2021.

Soon, this exercise was extended to store inventory as well.


Fynd Solution #2: Analysis of inventory live on marketplaces on OR/SOR/JIT models vs inventory on omnichannel model

Warehouse inventory already listed on marketplaces under different fulfillment models like OR/SOR or JIT was mapped with omnichannel inventory. Fynd latched 30 styles (150 SKUs) on the omnichannel account.

Result: 13% increase in styles live on Flipkart & Myntra



Challenge #4: How to increase sales on marketplaces like Flipkart?

Fynd Solution: Focus on catalog coverage

Before the year-end sale on Flipkart, Fynd’s catalog health team performed gap analysis to identify catalog gaps on Flipkart. Fynd’s new catalog team enhanced FILA’s in-house catalog team to ensure a catalog coverage above 75% before the year-end sales. The brand got extended bandwidth and support during the sale event.


Challenge #5: How to ease operations for the brand?

Fynd Solution: Need-specific customized dashboard

Based on the specific needs put forward by FILA, Fynd created a customized dashboard on Fynd’s Order Management System. The newly designed interface offers a comprehensive overview, keeping the crucial metrics prominent. With this dashboard, Team FILA can smoothly track daily orders, store open-orders, ageing-store processing, fulfillment performance, TAT, returns, cancellation, order data etc.


What Yashwanth appreciates the most here is that it's not just the dashboards, complete data can also be easily downloaded from the data pool within the same UI/UX, if required.



Omni-powered brand website

FILA is one of the first brands to use the Magento plug-in powered by Fynd and omni-enable its Indian website in April 2022. The plug-in enables any website built on Magento platform to operate on Fynd’s OMS (Order Management System) and fulfill website orders from omni-enabled stores.

The brand website has been evolving with new feature integrations, such as the pincode checker, powered by Fynd. It enables the website to display delivery time estimates based on delivery pincodes, and allows users to check COD availability at their location.


Way forward

FILA’s success on e-commerce platforms jumped leaps and bounds in a short span and it continues to be a fruitful association. 2022 was a great lap by the sportswear champions, FILA x Fynd targets to scale it up by 2x by the end of 2023. FILA would soon be seen live and thriving on Nykaa with Fynd’s marketplaces integration.

After achieving the lifetime highest sales record of ₹5 crores across marketplaces in December 2022, the focus in 2023 will be to expand business over the D2C website as well.

Along with this, focus will be on operational capacity to prepare FILA for a huge spike in orders. For this, deep integration with a new POS and ERP system is in the pipeline.


Customer Story
What makes FILA run smoother?

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