DIESEL finds the perfect sauce to delight its customers with Fynd Store OS

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January 1, 2022
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Customer Story
DIESEL finds the perfect sauce to delight its customers with Fynd Store OS


DIESEL is a premium Italian denim brand that produces ‘alternative’ clothing and accessories for urban men and women. Being a luxury brand with 12 pan-India stores, a personalized experience for its shoppers was not a choice, but rather a necessity. Then came the COVID-19 pandemic and the upbeat brand charted its way completely into home shopping and distance selling.

Merging the Online and the Offline

DIESEL integrated its stores’ inventory via Fynd. While it offered a solution  to ‘save-the-sale’ in case of unavailability of desired size or color at the store, there was room for more.

DIESEL found the idea of omnichannel the best fit to extend their availability beyond the physical locations of their stores and to cater to a distributed customer base across India with ease. The Fashion Consultants could open the Fynd Store app, select a fulfilling store of their choice, and place an order.

Using OMS, the order could be directly fulfilled from the nearest store and delivered to the customer. There was room for further reducing manual processes, delivering frictionless shopping, and boosting customer loyalty.

Distance Selling, Home Shopping 

Home shopping was already predominant in DIESEL. Fashion Consultants would carry some of the top-selling or most desirable pieces from the store, travel to the customer’s place, and bill their orders. But, options to upsell or cross-sell were limited. 

With Fynd, stores can create customized digital catalogs, and share them with customers. Fashion Consultants then either travel to the customer’s place with the selected options or customers can directly place an order from the app link. 

Integration of stores as multiple stockpoints ensured that the order gets delivered in the fastest time possible. Thanks to Fynd’s integration with multiple hyperlocal delivery partners, same-day deliveries soon became the norm.

With pan-inventory, there were far more opportunities to cross-sell and upsell. The Fynd Store app shows recommendations based on the displayed product--this empowered Fashion Consultants to give specific shopping recommendations to their clients

Screenshots of Diesel app PLP and PDP pages. Showing similar item recommendations on the Fynd Store app.

Process for success

Store staff are hardwired to the old way of selling. Introducing a new technology at stores can be challenging if it is not a people-driven process. DIESEL realized this early and hence consciously invested in their in-store omnichannel’s business growth. 

Rethinking store’s KPIs

Omnichannel growth was a priority for DIESEL. As the store staff are the primary drivers, their KPIs were aligned to this novel way of selling. Stores were not just rewarded for the omnichannel sales, but also for fulfilling metrics to ensure timely delivery of orders. Fynd Store incentives were also helpful in ensuring store staff are rewarded for all their effort. 

Personalized approach by Fynd Team

Every brand at Fynd has a unique Account Manager and a Customer Success Manager (CSM). Fynd CSMs help stores in last-mile escalations, give insights for catalog improvements, handle urgent deliveries, and do timely rollout of incentives to the staff. Fynd CSMs made a conscious effort in ensuring they give the same personalized service to the stores, the same way stores give to their clients. 

What’s next?

The role of a fashion consultant is really important to deliver delightful shopping experiences for luxury brands. Clienteling is one large piece that could make or break a shopping experience. For the near future, DIESEL is rethinking the clienteling process along with Fynd.

Diesel Store, internal view with denims and bags on display.

Cross-channel customer profiles, seamless product discovery, post-purchase relationship, and virtual clienteling are a few of the upcoming projects to ensure DIESEL stays one step ahead in translating a delightful shopping experience, digitally.

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Customer Story
DIESEL finds the perfect sauce to delight its customers with Fynd Store OS
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