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Fynd ushers in the future of beauty with GlamAR

June 10, 2020

In an age where online shopping has become essential, Fynd has launched a virtual try-on solutionGlamAR to help brands create a visual product experience for their consumers. With GlamAR, consumers can discover and experiment with products in real-time by utilizing their smartphone cameras. The screen acts as a mirror, reflecting their selection of shades and products from the brand’s collection. The makeup shades are personalized based on the individual’s facial features and skin tone.

GlamAR goes beyond the usual retail experience of sampling different products in-store. The virtual solution enables consumers to experiment with different lookshelping them try out multiple products with ease. By implementing GlamAR, brands can help consumers make smart, informed decisions without in-store assistance. Also, the contactless product interactions alleviate consumer concerns about using the testers in-store. Using the app, consumers can conveniently experiment with multiple beauty categories such as face and eye makeup, nail paints, hair colours, etc. and immediately purchase the products they want. They can also take pictures and share their ‘look’ with friends. For brands, this solution can help engage and connect with consumers, and ease the barriers for buying makeup and other beauty products online.

GlamAR currently supports a wide range of categories from makeup and hair colour to coloured eye lenses and safety masks. In the coming months, Fynd plans to develop new partnerships and expand into product categories such as jewellery, watches, eye wear, etc. Fynd’s Cofounder, Farooq Adam says that “The application of AI and AR opens up the possibilities to create multiple interaction points for the brands and customers beyond the physical store. With GlamAR, consumers can discover products and virtually try them before they purchase. This launch is another milestone in our vision to enable retail businesses to focus on consumer-centric goals while accelerating growth.”

GlamAR SDK for Android is available at https://glamar.io/ website. Using the SDK, brands can integrate the solution to their existing B2C applications. Fynd has also launched the GlamAR Early Access Program for select brands to access new GlamAR features before the public release. Interested brands can now register for the program from the GlamAR website.

Press Release
Fynd ushers in the future of beauty with GlamAR
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