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There are two new CBOs in town!

April 3, 2024
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In a nutshell

  • We are announcing key leadership additions as a part of our goal to further shape global vision and strategy
  • Growth Lead Ragini Varma and Global Expansion Lead Ronak Modi will transition to Chief Business Officer (India) and Chief Business Officer (Global) roles

“Ragini and Ronak are the right people for the role. They bring a refreshing attitude and great business acumen to the table that we need in Fynd’s leaders,” said Farooq Adam, Co-founder of Fynd. “They are both highly motivated and innovative leaders that can help Fynd become a part of every retailer’s tech stack.”

Ragini and Ronak have been key figures in deepening Fynd’s business partnerships and expanding its industry presence. In her new role, Ragini will shoulder the responsibility of steering Fynd Commerce’s expansion efforts in India, while Ronak will overlook all of Fynd’s global expansion, and help fulfil its vision of becoming the single biggest unified commerce platform in the world.

About Ragini

Ragini started her journey with Fynd back in 2017 as a Growth Marketing Associate. Thanks to her exceptional product and brand marketing acumen, she was appointed as the Product Growth Manager for Fynd Commerce Platform within just two years in 2019.

She continued her work as a stellar employee and key driver of business and revenue growth for the next year, after which she was appointed as the Growth and New Product Monetisation Lead for Fynd Commerce Platform. Her eventful stay at Fynd and the wide array of roles fulfilled by her are a testament to her unparalleled growth and leadership capabilities.

About Ronak

Ronak has been a part of Fynd’s momentous journey since its early days in 2015. He joined the company as an exceptionally talented Product Manager. Since then, he has made an indelible impact across a broad spectrum of roles from Product Management and Growth to Strategic Partnerships.

Ronak's strategic acumen and leadership prowess have been instrumental in driving revenue growth and fortifying Fynd's market position. His efforts in establishing critical global partnerships have been central to Fynd's success so far.

What’s Next?

Ragini will transition from her role as Growth Lead to Chief Business Officer (India) and oversee Fynd’s ongoing business, client acquisition efforts, business partnerships and revenue generation in India on the commerce front. “The brief is simple, we envision Fynd as ‘retail ka naya address’ and we’ll all be working hard to make it happen quickly.” she said.

Ronak will take on the role of Chief Business Officer (Global). This is an opportunity for him to contribute more significantly to Fynd’s global expansion efforts across our platforms and products. He laid the cornerstone for this in 2023 with his work on our upcoming partnerships with leading retail groups in the Middle East. “I see this as the perfect time to elevate our global presence. My priority will be to strengthen our partnerships and ensure Fynd is a key part of all industry dialogues.” said Ronak.

Press Release
There are two new CBOs in town!
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