How a Fashion Consultant generated 7.2% of a Superdry store’s sales with custom collection sharing

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September 18, 2023
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Customer Story
How a Fashion Consultant generated 7.2% of a Superdry store’s sales with custom collection sharing

In-store selling has evolved significantly, and brands can’t rely solely on walk-in customers anymore. The only way to thrive in modern retail is to increase sales and tap into customers who aren't physically present in-store. How? Meet Aditya Malani, the Fashion Consultant (FC) at the Superdry Jioworld store in Mumbai, who generated 7.2% of the outlet’s sales in a month! 

We spoke to Aditya about how he used distance selling to boost his store sales by creating custom collections on the Fynd Store OS app for past customers and how fashion consultants everywhere replicate this at their stores as well. Let’s jump in!

Fynd: Aditya, why don’t we start by talking about why you started creating personalized collections for customers? 

Aditya: We wanted to reach out to our past customers, especially regular shoppers, through distance selling.

But I couldn’t send the entire product catalog to shoppers as it was too large. To solve this, we used Fynd Store OS to create custom collections of every category in-store so I could send specific ones to each customer.

Fynd: How do you pitch these collections to customers?

Aditya: Personalisation is key. I first look at their shopping history. If a customer has bought many shirts during their last visit, I pitch our newest shirt collection to them. After a casual introductory conversation, I mention a few collections that I think they would like and offer to share a shopping link.

Fynd: How do you handle short delivery timelines like same-day deliveries?

Aditya: The app always shows me the most optimal option for delivery automatically, so I can easily select an outlet closest to the delivery location.

I also ask the customer to make a prepaid order instead of COD (Cash On Delivery) so we can deliver using hyper-local delivery partners like Borzo & Dunzo. To ensure customer trust, we always send a receipt after their prepaid payment is received.

To meet tight deadlines, I expedite the process by utilizing the app to choose the nearest outlet to the customer's location, ensuring that we consistently provide the best possible timelines.

Fynd: What tips would you give to FCs while distance selling?

Aditya: In my opinion, analyzing shopping history is very important before pitching any catalog. I also recommend talking about any store offers and discounts to make the purchase more attractive. 

For customers apprehensive about placing a distance order, I inform them about our exchange policies. They can return or exchange their items at any brand outlet nationwide, place a request online, or have the store initiate the process for them, ensuring convenience.

Fynd: That’s great! Is there anything else you’d like to mention about your experience using custom collections?

Aditya: I’d like to mention that the custom collections feature on the Fynd Store OS app is extremely helpful to all FCs for distance selling and easy for customers to navigate. If there were any order escalations or issues, they were promptly handled by the team too.

Lastly, I’d like to thank Ibrahim Khan (Regional Manager), Karan Shetty (Store Manager), Danish Khan (Asst. Store Manager) & Ujjwal Saxena (Fynd Store OS) for their guidance and help.

Harness distance selling for your stores

Now that we’ve uncovered the huge potential of distance selling and how Fashion Consultants can use this to boost sales, let’s take a look at the process:

Step 1 - FC gets shopper purchase history & contact information that is accessible through the store POS (Point of Sale) systems.

Step 2 - FC studies the customer purchase history and trends like transaction history, popular categories, and shopping frequency.

Step 3 - FC then prepares catalogs targeting different customer segments on the Fynd Store OS app. You can create collections like varsity jackets, new denim collections, flip-flops, 25% discounted SS ’23 collection, etc.

Collections on Fynd Store OS
Collections on Fynd Store OS

Step 4 - FC contacts the customers & pitches the shared collection. They also reiterate any exciting offers and discounts running in the store.

Step 5 - FC assists the customer in placing the order on the shared link. The FC also informs them about return policies & coordinates delivery timelines.

Step 6 - Sale complete! You’ve successfully boosted store sales even without your customers stepping into the store.

Expand outbound sales opportunities and discover more in-store solutions with Fynd Store OS. Get in touch with an expert to learn more!

Customer Story
How a Fashion Consultant generated 7.2% of a Superdry store’s sales with custom collection sharing
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