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Ruosh scaled their omnichannel sales 300% with Fynd

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Customer Story
Ruosh scaled their omnichannel sales 300% with Fynd


Inspired from the Sanskrit word for ‘passion’, Ruosh is a leading premium footwear Indian brand headquartered in Bangalore. With 35 company-owned stores across 13 cities, Ruosh has rapidly expanded its presence through key accounts channels & has 300+ points of sale including all leading Indian e-commerce portals. Passionate about design, comfort, and craftsmanship, the brand has crafted a spectacular growth of 300% through omnichannel sales, post the first pandemic wave (July 2020-July 2021).

What we did

Ruosh joined hands with Fynd in June 2018. Ever since then, Fynd has been instrumental in growing and stabilizing Ruosh’s business by providing breakthrough technical solutions and resolving varied challenges during this journey. Through multi-stockpoint integrations on their brand website and third-party marketplaces, Roush strengthened its omnichannel strategy and has made giant strides.

A massive shift in the contribution of omnichannel business, powered by Fynd, can be seen over the past three years:

Ruosh being a premium fashion category brand, does a considerable amount of business on Myntra—a dominant marketplace player for this category. We can see that major peaks in sales are attained during the End-of-Reason-Sale (EORS) on Myntra. Ruosh has also set a good example with its ecommerce website, as a fair amount of sale comes from ruosh.com.

Despite the pandemic-stirred instability, we can observe some remarkable spikes in Ruosh’s online business on different marketplaces. It is noteworthy to see few impressive peaks since the business started picking up immediately post the first wave of the pandemic. October 2020 was a breakthrough in light of the festive season sales. Although we see a dip in May 2021 during the peak of the second wave, sales picked up again in July during the end-of-season-sales (EOSS) 2021.


Roadmap so far

Roush has been one of our oldest partners as our omnichannel journey with them began early on in our initial days. It started with Ruosh getting live on fynd.com in June 2018, followed by integrations with Fynd Store, our in-store assistive sales solution the same year. In March 2019, Ruosh brand stores were integrated on their brand website ruosh.com, and there’s been no looking back since.

Anand Mohan Rajput, Deputy Manager - Online, Samar Lifestyles, shares, “Roush’s biggest benefit with Fynd is having a single point of information for all marketplaces. Before Fynd, there were separate order management systems, and we had to talk to individual points of contact at Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, and Tata CLiQ. It was difficult for people operating on the ground level, like stores, in taking orders, passing orders, and checking each of these portals separately. Fynd has helped us reduce the hassle, time, and resources by being the coordinator and mediator for all marketplaces.”

How we did it

Not just SaaS,  but an integrated growth partner for brands

“Fynd’s services do not remain confined to its area of competence. Looking beyond SaaS, we always go the extra mile as a growth partner for our clients.” - Ronak Modi, Head of Product, Open API, Fynd.

Fynd designates a Growth Manager* to each brand to accelerate their performance through initiatives such as—periodic business review calls, regular inventory health sanity checks, insights on discount planning, and checks on daily store operations. All this and other customized offerings have been highly impactful for Ruosh.

Other than hitting a breakthrough sale of ₹1 crore in November 2020, these initiatives helped in resolving the below-mentioned complex challenges for Ruosh.

*Read more about the benefits of having a Growth Manager for your brand in this article



1. Catalog gap analysis across marketplaces

Earlier, as Ruosh was on an outright inventory purchase (OR), and sale-or-return (SOR) inventory model on third-party marketplaces, a major chunk of the inventory listed under these marketplaces would remain blocked.

According to Anand, “The future of ecommerce is the omnichannel model. Before associating with Fynd, the business was mostly on SOR and OR models. Now, through the omnichannel model with Fynd, our inventory has expanded across marketplaces. The demand has increased and omnichannel model sales are higher.”

This shift also brought along challenges like pushing the inventory and cataloging on time. Hence, a detailed catalog gap analysis was conducted by Fynd and the products/SKUs already listed on the marketplaces under other business models  were identified and latched to the omnichannel inventory. This released 20-30% products/SKUs, now available for both online and offline channels simultaneously.

On experiencing this game-changing move early in 2019, Ruosh shut down its business on the older fulfillment models in 2021, and made the landmark decision to shift its entire online business on the omnichannel model.


2. Listing on Myntra and Amazon

Shifting to the omnichannel model brought us to the next challenge: self-cataloging and listing all products under the omnichannel models like Myntra’s Omni-PPMP and Amazon’s Flexi-Omni. That’s when Fynd’s 3P Marketplace Integration’s end-to-end listing and cataloging service came handy, and enabled Ruosh to get over 500 of its styles listed on Myntra & Amazon within just a month in July 2021.  

Anand says, “With a higher quantum of business on the marketplace model, the risk associated with faulty cataloging or inventory gaps is also higher. With Fynd, we stay assured that all is taken care of. Any crisis, even if it’s at 11PM, has always been resolved timely.”

Additionally, essential aspects of keyword search for SEO during listing were taken care of, in order to increase product discovery and sale conversions in a crowded search space. Pairing products based on performance and product listing variations like ‘parent-child’ tagging on Amazon led to an enhanced consumer browsing experience, and an increase in visibility, customer base, transaction volume, and conversions across marketplaces, hitting remarkable sales the following month.


3. Facilitating imageless inventory

Another challenge came up when Ruosh had to push its inventory to the Fynd order management system (OMS). Many of these products were without images. Although these products could go live on the marketplaces, it was difficult for the on-ground staff at the stores and warehouse, to fulfill orders without product details and catalog images.

Since 1400 of these products were already live on Myntra with images, our engineering team capitalized on the existing visuals from myntra.com, and 1400 more products with images went live on Fynd Platform in July 2020. This ensured that the store staff met their TATs, and the end customers received the right products, on time.


4. Migration from SFTP to Aggregator Inventory

Using the earlier SFTP** inventory upload system, a lag of 2 hours in inventory sync cycles led to almost 5% rejections for Ruosh. This not only hampered the consumer experience, but also led to loss of sale and penalization on marketplaces***. To avoid such losses, Fynd helped Ruosh switch to an Aggregator Model, where inventory is integrated from the POS at stores & the warehouse to Fynd’s database in real-time. Getting accurate data in a timely and precise manner brought down the rejection rates by 80%.

**SFTP or secure file transfer protocol is a traditional way to upload large inventory files and import data. Since this data sync is done periodically, it is less accurate as compared to a real-time update through the aggregator model.

***For example: VFS, or vendor-failed-to-supply charges that get triggered on Myntra

The road ahead...

The impact of all such dynamic activities has strengthened Fynd’s association with Ruosh. In 2022, we aim to mark many more milestones, and sustain the sale and growth charts.

    1) 20%-30% sale increment in 2022, as compared to sale numbers of 2021

    2) Launch Ruosh on AJIO marketplace

    3) Listing & latching all potential SKUs on AJIO

    4) Sales integration between Wondersoft-brand POS system and Fynd

Apart from these milestones, Fynd has always strived to ensure a smooth ride for Ruosh during our 4-year journey. A user-friendly business dashboard, support for listing on all marketplaces, analysis for business insights, catalog transformation tools, social media marketing, assistance on day-to-day store operations for order fulfillment, recommendation of marketplaces for omnichannel business, and much more makes us a one-stop-solution for all our partners.

As Anand says, “It’s not just the solution, but also the service offered by Fynd that is great. It matters to us how people in different teams behave and approach any challenge and how they sort it out. The Fynd team has been extremely helpful and brilliant in providing the solutions to us. Our Growth Manager is always there to look into the problem, understand the problem, and resolve it. We will definitely continue working with Fynd in this scenario.”


If you could relate to the mentioned challenges here or have some difficult ones of your own, reach out to the experts on Fynding solutions.

Customer Story
Ruosh scaled their omnichannel sales 300% with Fynd

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