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Khadim—Fynding the right fit

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Customer Story
Khadim—Fynding the right fit

Khadim before Fynd Store OS

Khadim began its omnichannel journey in 2019 and adopted an omnichannel in-store solution. By 2022, Khadim decided to explore other alternative omnichannel partners, primarily to increase its profitability.

That’s when Khadim found Fynd in September 2022.


Khadim x Fynd Store OS - a WOW partnership

Timelines of Khadim progress
M-o-M sales and orders placed on Fynd Stores at Khadim stores

Khadim’s expectations from Fynd Store OS?

In its quest to find a new omnichannel partner for higher profitability, Khadim was looking at exploring the following possibilities:


  • Increase sales
  • Decrease operational costs
  • Reduce delivery time
  • Reduce cancellations and RTOs
  • Reduce the number of COD orders
  • Smooth transition from the previous solution in terms of user adoption

Impact after Fynd Store OS

Impact after Fynd Store

For Khadim

  • Reduction in operational cost, increase in profitability
  • Reduction in delivery time
  • Reduction in cancellations & RTOs

For Khadim’s staff

  • Smooth onboarding
  • Easy transition from earlier in-store solution to Fynd Store OS
  • Ease of operations with additional support
  • Hassle-free discount creations
  • Higher app activity with an easy-to-use interface

For Khadim’s customers

  • Fynd’s customer support for Khadim’s customers
  • Easy returns & refunds
  • Smooth exchanges
  • Personalized experience
  • Quick deliveries

Khadim achieves its objectives with Fynd Store OS

Key Achievement #1

Reduction in delivery time

10 days → 4 days

Reduction in logistics costs by



Delivery model by Fynd Store OS

In a regular order journey on Fynd Store OS, the customer places an order from the ordering store. Order is assigned to the store nearest to the delivery pin code. This model allows:

Impact of Fynd store deliveries on Khadim's Proftability.

Fynd Store OShas partnered with multiple delivery partners, giving Khadim more choices as compared to the previous omnichannel partner.

Key Achievement #2

Increase in same-day deliveries by



Fynd’s hyperlocal delivery partners like Dunzo and WeFast assure delivery within 2-3 hours. 

Same-day deliveries delight customers and also reduce the chances of order cancellations. The sooner an order is delivered, the less the customer reconsiders it. It also reduces their temptation to buy from another brand while they are out shopping. Customers prefer to get their shopping bags back home on the day they went shopping.

Same day deliveries by Khadim on Fynd Stores

Key Achievement #3

Prepaid orders increased by



With the previous in-store omnichannel partner, the number of prepaid orders was almost negligible for Khadim. The brand was looking at reducing COD orders and getting higher prepaid orders. Pushing customers for prepaid options and easy payment options with multiple payment integrations helped Khadim achieve this. Bharat QR is the most preferred prepaid mode of payment with Khadim customers.

Prepaid orders % on Fynd Store for Khadim Stores

Key Achievement #4

Cancellations & RTOs reduced by



Cancellations and RTOs originate from multiple reasons. Hence, to reduce them, multiple factors are instrumental. For Khadim, the following factors dominantly played a role in bringing out the impact:

1) Smooth exchanges

Sizing & fit in footwear is generally a tricky affair, leading to a higher rate of exchanges in this category than in any other category. Khadim also faced higher returns due to this.

With smooth exchange services and additional ops support from Fynd Store OS, Khadim could reduce their return & cancellation rates. Personalized touch, expertise, and extended support from a designated ops team make exchanges smoother on Fynd Store than on other platforms.


2) Reduced CODs

Customers tend to cancel COD orders more than prepaid orders. An increase in prepaid orders percentage for Khadim also led to a reduction in their cancellation rates.

3) Reduced delivery time

Khadim experienced a drop in cancellations with reduced delivery time. The lower the gap in ‘add to cart’ and ‘delivered’ stage, the less time a customer gets to have second thoughts on their purchase. Chances of the rate of return reduce once the customer has the product in hand.

Fynd Store for store staff

Omnichannel in-store tech was not new for Khadim store staff as they had been using it since 2019 with a different partner. Hence, adopting the technology and concept was not challenging for Khadim store staff.

However, one anticipated challenge was transitioning from the existing partner to Fynd Store OS.

Khadim was delighted not to encounter the anticipated challenge and experienced good user adoption for Fynd Store OS.

Average daily frequency of Fynd Store app launch at Khadim stores

Factors responsible for good user adoption of Fynd Store OSat Khadim Stores:

1) Easy-to-use interface

Store staff at Khadim could quickly adapt to Fynd Store OS as its interface is not complicated.


2) Smooth onboarding

As a standard onboarding process for Fynd Store OS, Khadim’s store staff went through training and documentation offered by the Fynd Store OS team and helped them to adapt to the new in-store technology smoothly.

3) Store visits

Khadim gets a designated area Customer Success Manager (CSM), who stays in touch with the Khadim store staff through WhatsApp groups. The CSM visits the stores frequently to address the concerns and challenges the store staff faces. Exercises like role-play training, feedback, and sharing in-store experiences maintain this connection.

4) Team Motivation

i) Virtual engagement:

For additional store sales, it is important for store staff to stay motivated. Khadim’s store staff leveraged the virtual engagement initiatives by Fynd Store, like sharing the store leaderboard and employee leaderboard.

Virtual engagement by Fynd Store to motivate Khadim Store staff

ii) Rewards and recognition

Khadim store staff gets appreciated and encouraged through the Certificate of Appreciation issued by Fynd Store OS team. Such awards and recognition have led to greater traction by Khadim store staff on Fynd Store OS app.

Certificate of Appreciation for Khadim store staff issued by Fynd Store

5) Additional ops support

Khadim has a designated ops team from Fynd Store OS that extends additional ops support to the ground staff. It assists in day-to-day in-store challenges on order processing, helps store staff stay on TAT and reduces the excess burden from the store staff.

6) Contribution to additional sales

Frequent activities like creating collections and sharing on WhatsApp make it easier for Khadim store staff to use these collections and share them with their customers to generate additional sales.

Additional support by Fynd Store OS

1) Dashboard analytics

Khadim has an exclusive real-time dashboard and gets downloadable automated sales reports from Fynd Store. Weekly reviews with the designated Growth Manager help achieve sales targets, build new strategies, and track store-wise growth & performance, based on these dashboards.


2) App customisation

Khadim wanted a customized UI/UX on Fynd Store OS app. Fynd Store OS’s no-code platform made it convenient and quick to work on the desired customisation. Following are the few customizations added on top of the standard app theme:

1) Addition of collections

Khadim could attract its customers to Fynd Store OS app with customized collections displayed on the home page. These collections included discount-based collections, gender-segregated products, and color-based collections. Customized collection leads to easy browsing, higher product searches, and enhanced customer experience, making it easy for the store staff as well as the customers directly shopping through the distance selling feature.

2) Addition of Khadim Logo

To enhance the branding on the app, Khadim wanted a custom-placed logo on the app home page, which Fynd Store OS could easily customize.

3) Addition of banners

Operating through multiple brands, Khadim wanted additional banners to flash its brands on the app home page.



In a quest to explore other options for in-tech omnichannel partners for increased profitability, Khadim discovered a wider range of benefits and impact with Fynd Store OS. Standard features & services and additionally, customized services have kept the Khadim x Fynd association fruitful for the brand.

Way forward

As a way forward, Khadim will be integrating more stores on Fynd Store OS, and adding more styles which will enhance the percentage of omnichannel revenue. Also in the pipeline is its warehouse integration on Fynd Platform. Its latest integration with Online Marketplaces Integrations, will soon be live on some leading marketplaces.


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Customer Story
Khadim—Fynding the right fit

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