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Hamleys: Elevating online shopping experiences

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Customer Story
Hamleys: Elevating online shopping experiences

Hamleys—the finest toys in the world

Hamleys is one of the world’s largest and oldest luxury toy retailers. Spanning across 160 stores globally, it is well-known for the in-store experience, touch-and-feel of the premium products, and the enthusiastic, fun-loving consultants who serve customers of all ages.

Hamleys x Fynd: Brand Website Solution

Hamleys wanted to create an ecommerce-enabled website to expand its online presence in India. The primary objective was to replicate the thrilling shopping experiences that Hamleys stores are known for worldwide, and delight the online customers with its global inventory. Hamleys decided to build their brand website on Fynd Platform in June 2021.

Website powered through stores

Hamleys’ omnichannel website powered by Fynd, created integrated shopping experience to its customers. With Fynd’s omnichannel solutions, inventory from all stockpoints is synced for order fulfilment on the brand website.

Hamleys omnichannel brand website on Fynd Platform helped in:

  • Inventory aggregation: Inventory of warehouse and 50+ Hamleys stores integrated and synced real-time for customers on brand website.
  • Order fulfilment through stores: Hamleys customers enjoy 100% assured order fulfilment directly from Hamleys store and warehouse to the customer's home. All 50-omni-enabled stores contribute to online order fulfilment.
  • Smart delivery algorithms: Strategic order fulfilment from store nearest to customers’ location, save brand’s time, effort and money.
  • End-to-end logistic management: Automated control of forward and reverse logistics cycle—order, transport, delivery and even returns.

In addition to these, Hamleys also enjoys:

  • Operational Support: Fynd’s experts help Hamleys with inventory integration, omnichannel setup, operational glitches, training teams, website development, themes, UI/UX, and 24x7 customer support

In order to stay relevant and keep up with the times, Hamleys brand website on Fynd Platform has been constantly upgraded with new feature integrations and modifications of user interface (UI). It helped in recreating delightful online shopping experiences for customers, increased sales, and improved customer acquisition and retention.

Feature integrations on Hamleys omnichannel brand website

As an outcome of the following, Hamleys website has witnessed significant increase in number of users, revenue, conversion rates, sessions, average session time, pages per session, and drop in bounce rate:

1. Hamleys mobile site for customized user experience

According to Think with Google, nearly 75% of users prefer a mobile-friendly site, 74% of people are more likely to return to that site in the future, while 54% of website traffic comes through mobile phones.

It was essential for Hamleys to have a mobile-optimized website for its customers. Some of the benefits:

  • Improved average time spent on site, reducing the bounce rate
  • Improved user experience, highly engaged users, increased pages per session
  • Improved traffic conversion rates
  • Easily navigable, highly visual, and intuitive for new visitors
  • Simple, engaging, and playful website with brand color palette, font choices, and interactive elements
  • Improved website speed
  • Improved mobile SEO
  • Competitive advantage over brands that do not have a smooth mobile-site interface
  • For easy anytime browsing/shopping on smartphones during travels or free time

2. Android & iOS app

Mobile users spend 88% of their time on mobile apps. The Hamleys Android app powered by Fynd enjoys these essential benefits:

  • App offers more room for personalised services.
  • Ease of sending push notifications.
  • Ability to offer basic content and functionality to users in offline mode.
  • App has the freedom of offering better functionality.
  • Comes with in-built powerful security features that include authentication, authorization, encryption, logging, and application security testing.
  • Gains brand loyal customers to scale and grow business in the shortest possible time.

3. Algolia integration for faster product discovery

Integrating brand websites with Algolia increases conversions by 30%. Algolia is an AI-powered platform that help businesses maximize the speed & ease of product search and discovery. Algolia integration has helped Hamleys customers with relevant, personalized, intuitive, and a faster search experience whenever they shop online.

Benefits of Algolia integration:

  • Seamless access to product catalog via AI-powered search, discovery, and recommendations
  • Fast and relevant ecommerce site search for instant engagement
  • Frictionless shopping with typo tolerance, synonyms and more
  • Lead shoppers to the best results no matter how they search, in any language
  • AI-powered recommendations to increase order rate, cart value, and repeat customers
  • Help users refine their search and browse catalog by adding advanced dynamic filters

4. Flexible payment options

Hamleys’s online shoppers can choose from several lucrative and flexible payment options that best suit their needs.

Hamleys website is integrated with the following Fynd’s payment partners:

Zest money: Customers do not need a credit card for online shopping at Hamleys websites with the Zest money payment integration. They can make online transactions with 0% interest EMI and seamless repayments.

Cred Store: Hamleys online shoppers can use CRED coins to engage with the brand, topped with rewards and cashback on all bills.

UPI & Credit/Debit Card: Hamleys website is powered with all popular payment integrations for quick and secure checkouts with Fynd’s payment partners like Razorpay.

Coming soon

Other feature upgrades in pipeline for Hamleys website are:

Haptik integration to increase leads, transactions, and repeat purchase

With this integration, Hamleys would be able to leverage WhatsApp Commerce suite for end-to-end customer engagement. Haptik helps omnichannel brands to significantly increase conversions and enhance customer’s online experience through transactional ads. Personalized buying guidance & purchase recommendations drive higher conversions. It also offers intelligent analytics to achieve higher ROI and offer superior customer experience.

Playrcart to fastrack instant purchases

Gift Cards are a powerful tool to acquire consumers, retain them and enhance loyalty. Integrating brand website with Playrcart — an end-to-end SaaS gift card platform, can uplift your sales by 75% to 200%. Playrkart’s gifting strategies will help Hamleys acquire two customers with each gifting card. Flexible instant gifting delivers personalized experience that strikes connect with the customers as well as ensure multi-fold increase in brand reach.

We at Fynd, have helped over 45 retail brands like West Elm, Superdry, Pottery Barn, Ritu Kumar, Mothercare, Hunkemoller, Steve Madden, GAS and many more in offering an enriched omnichannel online experience to their customers through our brand website solutions. Our in-house omnichannel expertise in tandem with several third-party integrations & plugins have constantly helped these brands to attract more online customers and attain additional store sales from online orders.

If you are an emerging brand looking to bolster your brand's omnichannel online presence, schedule a demo with one of our experts today. We'll help you with a solution that best suits your brand.

Customer Story
Hamleys: Elevating online shopping experiences

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