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How Campus Shoes achieved 3.6x increase in sales on the Uniket eB2B marketplace platform

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Customer Story
How Campus Shoes achieved 3.6x increase in sales on the Uniket eB2B marketplace platform

“Campus Shoes has experienced rapid growth as a leading footwear brand following its integration into the Uniket platform. For 2020-2021, we experienced excellent year-on-year growth. We have met 100% of our business targets and are looking forward to closing FY 2021-2022 with 150% target achievement. We have 100% inventory visibility with Uniket and have more than 4 lakh pairs of Campus Shoes centrally live across channels. It helped us gain greater orders from loyal retailers base on the Uniket platform.”

- Satyam Singh (Sr. Manager, Campus Shoes)   

Before & After Scenario: Campus Shoes before onboarding Uniket & Campus Shoes after onboarding Uniket 1. Sales: 20 Lakh - 25 Lakh per month 1. Sales: 2.5 Cr to 3 Cr per month 2. Market Capture: Only Capital & Metro cities 2. Market capture: Small & big towns (biggest markets), Capital as well as Metro cities 3. Logistic: There was no reliable logistic partner 3. Logistic: Found an accountable logistic partner with Uniket 4. Catalog Management: Difficult to create catalog & manage details about thousands of products 4. Catalog Management: Uniket's efficient management ensured that all Campus Shoes inventory were on display at all times 5. % Return & RTO: 35% 5. % Return & RTO: 25% 6. % Delivered products: 65% 6. % Delivered products: 75%

Campus Shoes: Synonym for style, comfort & durability

Campus Shoes are India's largest brand of athletic and athleisure footwear. A market leader in India's organized sports and casual footwear sectors, they offer a diverse selection of fashionable, comfortable, and durable footwear. The brand is currently selling more than 15 million pairs per annum in India. Since its inception in 2006, the brand has grown to over 40 exclusive retail locations, over 20,000 multi-brand retail locations, and a sizable presence on ecommerce sites.

Its mission is to provide young people with the latest products at affordable prices while also making online shopping convenient.

Uniket: Fynd's eB2B Wholesaling App

Uniket is a direct-to-retail platform that helps brands to expand their business presence throughout India's small and large towns & cities. It helps brands to showcase their products in bulk and offer a platform to sell products 'directly from brand' to brick and mortar stores as 90% of India's $700 billion retail markets are offline.

The Uniket story follows a small-town retailer who frequently travels to larger cities to purchase and sell bulk goods. He fights intense competition, puts his capital and business at risk, and closes business in most cases if his survival is at stake. Uniket solves this massive problem for the everyday retailer, a critical segment of India's middle class as the platform ensures that more than 150+ brands get exposure by 3 Lacs+ retailers.

Campus X Uniket: Jumping in with both feet

The brand came onboard the Uniket Platform in 2019 and has experienced a staggering 3.6x growth in sales till date. 

What did the brand want?

  • raise high-volume sales
  • expand retailer outreach beyond larger cities
  • efficiently manage order fulfillment, logistics, and inventory.

How did Uniket solve the business challenges faced by Campus Shoes?

1. Entertaining retailers' requests to order single pairs

Challenge: Difficulty attracting business from small retailers looking to order a single pair of shoes rather than six pairs

Single-order retailers were a concern for the company and ignoring them would mean missing out on a big share of the footwear market. The brand was looking for a business-friendly B2B marketplace that would allow retailers to buy any pair of products they wanted, according to their budget and convenience.


Solution: Uniket offered that platform for Campus Shoes where retailers could buy as few as one pair or six pairs of shoes

This critical Uniket feature has proven highly beneficial for retailers operating in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities with limited budgets and purchasing power. Compared to other B2B marketplaces, this unique feature has helped Campus Shoes significantly increase demand from small pocket retailers.

Impact: 4x growth in number of retailers

“Uniket has a proven track record and is a rock-solid channel partner with promising year-on-year (YoY) growth. It has helped us in establishing a Loyal customer base and there has been an enormous boost in sales associated with many loyal retailers on the Uniket Platform.”

- Satyam Singh (Sr. Manager, Campus Shoes)   

2. Fastrack business growth in tier 2 & tier 3 cities

Challenge: Limited regional presence

For years, Campus Shoes was only available in a few major regions of India, like metro & capital cities. The company desired an easy and flexible channel for selling its shoes to consumers outside of India's major cities to maintain steady growth in the highly competitive footwear industry. Campus wanted a channel to help them sell brand’s products directly to small, medium, and large retailers in tier 2 and 3 cities. They aimed to increase retailer acquisition and customer base expansion, establish a strong brand presence, and increase the exposure and sales throughout India.

Solution: Uniket’s growth strategies for retailer acquisition

Campus Shoes enjoyed phenomenal success in retailer acquisition in India by leveraging proven Uniket growth strategies like ‘refer a retailer and earn Rs 1000 gift card’ , ‘Get upto 39% off on Campus + extra 15% off’, ‘Partners commision plan’, ‘Upto 40% off + redeemable reward points’.

Impact: Deeper penetration in tier 3 market with upto 10x sales growth on Uniket in the past year 

“We never complained to the channel partner for giving extra discounts, considering our experiences on other channels. Uniket has a fair business policy that has helped Campus Shoes work with greater precision and focus in the retail market.”

- Satyam Singh (Sr. Manager, Campus Shoes)   

3. Efficient Logistic Management

Challenge: Longer gaps between product ordering and delivery 

Campus Shoes required a dependable logistic partner capable of reducing time between product ordering and delivery significantly. They wanted a partner to identify and connect with retail business's ground realities, prioritizing timely delivery in all small, large, urban, and rural locations throughout India. They expected seamless and rapid product delivery to retailers, with the fewest possible escalations, establishing the brand as innovative, efficient, professional, and trustworthy. 

Solution: Uniket’s cutting-edge logistics services tailored to needs

Uniket has been a solid logistic partner for Campus Shoes since 2019. Uniket demonstrated a high level of trustworthiness in accurately and professionally delivering Campus Shoe shipments across India. Uniket is responsible for efficiently handling all Campus shipments. 

Impact: 10% increase in delivered products since 2019


4. Catalog Management

Challenge: Inefficient catalog management for large number of SKUs

The brand encountered numerous catalog management challenges due to the high volume of products in more than ten categories, including running shoes, sandals, flip-flops, and other footwear products. Manual catalog management was prone to errors resulting in products lacking necessary details, which was detrimental to the brand..

Solution: Uniket team assisting in catalog management

Uniket drew on its extensive expertise and experience managing catalogs of thousands of retail brands on its B2B marketplace. Catalog specialists assisted in developing a compelling product catalog for the marketplace, complete with product descriptions and images that help improve the buyer's journey and user experience.

Impact: 2.8x rise in number of products listed on Uniket, currently 1430+ styles live on Uniket

5. Return & RTO

Challenge: Higher RTO

Campus Shoes encountered difficulty managing RTOs due to the complexity of the process, which included forward and returned shipping, blocked inventory cases, quality checks and repackaging of returned items, and operations and resources used in order processing.


Uniket significantly reduced return & RTO figures by implementing highly effective strategies such as ensuring a concise product description, providing customers with timely order updates, and exceptional customer service.

Impact: 10% reduction in Returns & RTO


“We are quite happy with our experience with Uniket. The significant reason for this is the numbers we achieve from the platform and additionally we have also observed that we have few returns. The entire Uniket team is very supportive and works towards achieving solutions and results. The Order Management system is quite well managed. We would definitely recommend this unique platform to other brands.”

- Satyam Singh (Sr. Manager, Campus Shoes)  

Net Promoter Score


“Uniket’s technology works perfectly in sync with the Order Management System (OMS), a huge relief for our company as we no longer have to worry about tracking bulk orders & returns from numerous sellers across the country. Uniket is responsible for carrying out all of these duties efficiently and professionally.”

- Satyam Singh (Sr. Manager, Campus Shoes)   

With Uniket Platform brand owners can acquire new customers, increase sales volume, and profitably manage their products and service offers by listing our platform.

Why should your brand use the Uniket Platform?

  • List your entire product portfolio easily on the Uniket marketplace
  • Boost product visibility & sales by doing business with more than 3 Lakh retailers on the Uniket platform
  • Uniket is a safe & reliable app to work with because it only sells premium grade products from India's top brands
  • Uniket manages your brand's logistics and inventory, so you may focus on your primary business
  • The lowest return rates in the industry as Uniket make sure to process only genuine orders
  • Get ‘Growthboosters’, the perfect solution to scale your business by 5x 

We understand the business needs, requirements & challenges of retail brands. If you are one of those brands that can relate to these challenges and struggle to identify a suitable direct-to-retail brand for growing order, shipment flow, and potential market share in India, reach out to us immediately.

Customer Story
How Campus Shoes achieved 3.6x increase in sales on the Uniket eB2B marketplace platform

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