Multichannel Order & Warehouse Management System for retail and ecommerce businesses

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Gini & Jony
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Order Management
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Warehouse Management
Analytics & Reporting

Order Management

Centralized Order Processing

Manage all orders from a single dashboard

Automated Allocation

Automatically allocate orders to your warehouse based on preset rules.

Automated Reassignment

Reduce cancellations by reassigning orders for out-of-stock inventory to another warehouse.

Real-time Tracking

Give customers real-time updates about order statuses from order placement to order delivery.

Order Management-mobile

Inventory Management

Full Inventory View

Get a clear view of your inventory across all channels like marketplaces and brand website.

Real-time Updates

View stock levels which are updated in near real-time.

Multi-Channel Sync

Sync inventory across multiple sales channels.

Inventory - mobile

Warehouse Management

Mobile-first Approach

Use our web app on any handheld device for all warehousing tasks and scan any barcode for instant product and location info.

Full-service Processing

Pack, invoice, and dispatch incoming orders from all sales channels in one place.

Automated Workflows

Optimize warehouse operations and use warehouse space efficiently with automation.

Real-time Tracking

Monitor stock movements and warehouse activities in real-time.

Warehouse man… - mobile

Analytics & Reporting

Detailed Reports

Get complete reports on sales, KPIs, inventory, staff metrics and warehouse performance from one dashboard.

Actionable Insights

Get data-driven insights to make informed decisions, make improvements, and plan for the future.


Why Choose Fynd's Order and Warehouse Management System?

all in one solution-mobAll-in-one Solution

All-in-one Solution

One-stop platform

Manage orders, inventory, and warehouse operations smoothly.


Reduce manual tasks and optimize workflows.

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Real-time Inventory Management

Live Tracking

Monitor stock levels across all channels like marketplaces and brand website, in real-time.

Accurate Data

Minimize errors and optimize stock availability.

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Efficient Order Processing

Order Allocation

Automatically assign orders to the best fulfillment center.

Faster Fulfillment

Speed up order processing by reducing delivery times and improve customer satisfaction.

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Enhanced Customer Service

Timely Deliveries

Ensure accurate and timely order deliveries.

Returns Management

Handle returns easily and improve customer retention.

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Scalable for Growth


Easily scale operations as your business expands.


Customize order, inventory and warehouse workflows to fit your business needs.

Analytics Warehouse
Experience the Power of Fynd's Order and Warehouse Management System
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