What Fynd has in store for you in 2023

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Can you believe it’s 2023 already?

And we thought we were busy in 2022 with the launch of new products, expanding our offerings, attending retail & tech events, expanding our offices, and growing our team size by 3x.

If 2022 was our year of growth, Fynd declares 2023 as our year of accelerated growth. Here’s what you can expect:

1. Self-checkouts & queue busting with Fynd & Go

Launching a web-based in-store solution to enable <para-sweet-500>shoppers to scan a product<para-sweet-500>, add to cart and go for one-click checkout.  Customers can pay through cash, credit, or even buy now, pay later.

Fynd & Go <para-sweet-500>improves customer satisfaction<para-sweet-500>, and optimizes business operations, (1) during heavy footfall days, and (2) in large format stores.

2. Hyper-personalisation for in-store customers

Fynd Store, now becoming a <para-sweet-500>complete storetech module<para-sweet-500>. Clientelling will enable omnichannel profiling of customers by amalgamating data on websites, marketplaces and Fynd Store. Ultimately, empowering store staff to offer seamless shopping experiences.

3. Newer avenues to expose inventory

Brands can expose store inventories on three of the most in-demand platforms:

<para-sweet-500>Google Merchant Centre (GMC):<para-sweet-500> expose inventory to show on local search results.

<para-sweet-500>CRED Store: <para-sweet-500>reach a premium customer base with curated offers and rewards in exchange for CRED coins.

<para-sweet-500>LimeRoad:<para-sweet-500> target a wider audience & add another sales channel with this upcoming marketplace integration.

4. Integration upgrades on ecommerce marketplaces

Our marketplace integrations get an upgrade on <para-sweet-500>Amazon Cocoblu<para-sweet-500> and <para-sweet-500>Myntra warehouse models.<para-sweet-500> Fynd will act as an aggregator for both omnichannel and warehouse accounts for its brands.

5. Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform support

This year, we are extending our <para-sweet-500>omnichannel support to websites built on Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform.<para-sweet-500>Our Salesforce plugin will enable brands to <para-sweet-500>fulfill orders from their stores<para-sweet-500> and <para-sweet-500>manage orders & inventory from our centralized platform<para-sweet-500>, including returns & refunds, while managing their frontend on the Salesforce platform. This is in addition to our existing plugins for Shopify & Magento launched successfully last year.

6. Delighting D2C brands with Fynd Platform Lite

Fynd Platform Lite is a <para-sweet-500>quick and affordable way<para-sweet-500> for brands to set up their webstores using our mobile app. No laptops, excel sheets, google docs to set up or manage your e-stores. With <para-sweet-500>pre-set themes, pre-set catalogs and AI supportfor product descriptions<para-sweet-500>, Fynd Platform Lite will be an affordable solution to budding entrepreneurs.

7. Customizable themes for websites on Fynd Platform

Introducing new themes to customize elements enabling brands to tweak attributes like layout of product images based on product categories. With this brands can keep the look and feel of their webstores fresh and unique.

8. Return validation for fraudulent returns

Fynd Platform is launching a return merchandise authentication option. Brands can add a ‘reason to return’ field to their e-store, image validation for returns, and QC at doorstep by delivery partners.

9. Optimizing performance on your e-store

<para-sweet-500>Performance enhancement<para-sweet-500> of Fynd Platform-enabled websites is on the way. Integrations with digital asset management tools like Pixelbin ensure optimised images on the website to support good page speed.

10. Fresh fashion version 3.0 on Fynd.com

Fynd.com as it gets its 3rd big makeover.Integrations with Algolia, Dynamic Yield, Frolic, Customer Glu, Storyly, YourFit are coming up for <para-sweet-500>customer hyper personalisation, user engagement, rewards & gamification, and virtual try outs<para-sweet-500> by the Q1.We’re also moving to a smoother <para-sweet-500>one-page-checkout experience<para-sweet-500>, and adding Potlee as a BNPL option for easy creditline to customers.

11. The next big destination for sustainable goods—FyndforGood

Launching one-of-a-kind marketplace—FyndforGood. The marketplace will serve a niche customer base <para-sweet-500>conscious of environment, local artisans, and ethical practices.<para-sweet-500>Brand’s ethos are highlighted here and do not get lost in the traditional product listings on larger marketplaces. Currently serving a range of categories such as apparel, home decor & furnishings, toys, furniture, beauty & personal care. Under the pilot project, 15 brands have been onboarded, and we look forward 150+ brands by the end of the year.

12. Uniket: now a one-stop-shop for aapki badhti dukaan

Uniket is upgrading into a one-stop platform for end retailers. Small retailers can use the Uniket app to:

  • <rich-li-bold>generate store invoices<rich-li-bold>
  • <rich-li-bold>as a store POS<rich-li-bold>
  • a <rich-li-bold>CRM tool<rich-li-bold> to <rich-li-bold>maintain their customer details<rich-li-bold>
  • as a <rich-li-bold>business dashboard<rich-li-bold> to view & control inventory, finance, customer credit (khata), & store employees data
  • <rich-li-bold>resell products<rich-li-bold> by re-listing products bought through Uniket on Fynd Platform and other marketplaces.
  • <rich-li-bold>one-click listing of stores on Google Maps<rich-li-bold> to aid in local SEO

Features like remote assistance with real-time customer service or AI bot, voice-based order placement & tracking, smart search & recommendations and personal assistance by Ustaad will enhance user experience.Also, extending payment options by Potlee integration to offer instant credit, and one-click payments. Retailers can also enjoy the benefits of partial prepaid orders. With Frolic integration, the app would also offer gamification & reward opportunities.

14. And the fun continues with Frolic

Just about a year old, our in-house social gaming app—Frolic—is ready to dazzle you in 2023. FrolicVR on Oculus will mark its entry in the world of virtual reality gaming.

Upcoming new releases include cricket fantasy gaming, more AA games like Call Break, Rummy, Poker, Car Racing. Look forward to community-driven immersive and engaging gaming experience.

Frolic is also developing an NFT marketplace, and will provide NFT as a service.

Frolic is building a gaming developer panel enabling developers to submit self-developed games.

15. Our big data ops platform gets bigger

Boltic, our enterprise grade low-code/no-code big data ops platform launched in February 2022.

This year Boltic is building a Change Data Capture (CDC) to capture changes made in a database in realtime and send it to a centralised destination.

Boltic will add support for Click Stream Analytics to dig deep into customer data and understand customer journeys, enriching customer experience with better personalisation.

Information on the central platform by Boltic can be segmented and transferred to multiple destinations such as

  • data warehouses like Big Query
  • analytics like Google Universal Analytics, Facebook Analysis, Firebase
  • advertising like Google Ads, or App Events on Facebook
  • email marketing
  • CRM tools like CleverTap, Freshsales, Firebase and so on.

16. Unleashing the potential of PixelBin for real-estate & automobile sector

Leveraging the existing microservices like background removal, watermark removal, image enhancement, and size reduction, Fynd has now launched PixelBin.

Our digital asset management tool will be boon to real estate, automobiles & e-commerce.

Shadow generation, car window tint, 3D mesh generation will enable car dealers to aesthetically present to their end-users. Number-plate masking will be useful for reseller marketplaces.

2D to 3D transformation will be specially beneficial in the real-estate industry.

17. Empowering e-commerce with digital asset transformations

PixelBin is ready to empower e-tailers and has already tested waters with Fynd Platform, JioMart, and Spykar.

Some of the ecommerce-oriented features include: AI-based content creation, product tagging for better user-recommendations, auto-generated product descriptions, automated catalog creation, and image sequencing to automate the flow on marketplaces.

3D mesh of apparel will display multiple clothing options on the same model, thus reducing time, cost and dependency on models significantly. It will also help in creating multiple images from just one image.

Another big feature is digital draping to enable customers to visualise how a certain pattern of clothing would appear on a person or an object.

18. Transforming videos & GIFs with PixelBin

PixelBin will enable video & GIFs transformations with basic operations like resize and rotate, advanced capabilities like background removal, and watermark removal. PixelBin will also looking at generative AI-powered use cases to replace or remove specific objects from videos.

19. Potlee: shop anything, pay later

Potlee, currently in soft launch, is a multi-lender embedded finance platform that gives instant one-click credit to its customers—individuals, retailers and merchants, and meets their financial needs for small to large ticket purchases. Partnering with India’s leading banks and NBFCs will create value for customers, marketplaces and lenders all in one go.

20. Launching industry-ready coders, developers & programmers

For any tech company, finding skilled tech applicants is hard. Understanding the challenges, Fynd launched its own academy in 2021, with programs based on insights from our engineering & product teams.

In 2022, Fynd Academy became a full-fledged business unit of Fynd. Currently, Fynd Academy offers 6 courses. From 1,000 graduates in 2022, we’re aiming at 10,000 graduates in 2023,out of which, 5,000 are to be placed in Fynd and Fynd’s partner companies like CRED, Reliance Jio, and Mindstix.

New innovations brewing this year at Fynd

Aside from the expansions and upgrades planned in our existing product lineups, here are a few areas of interest for 2023:

1. FaRaDe (FAst RApid DEvelopment)

FaRaDe is a suite of tools to help in faster & streamlined releases, increased developer productivity and remote development. FaRaDE will offer local environment shareability for debugging and testing, one-click ephemeral environments, and a live visual map of the codebase.

2. Fynd.Cloud

Fynd.Cloud is an automated, no-code platform to build, test, deploy, and monitor all microservices. It will simplify deployments by managed Kubernetes, configurable CI/CD, easy customisations, single-click build and deploy, canary/rolling deployments, observability, out-of-box infrastructure security and compliance, and granular RBAC support.

3. WMS

Our Warehouse Management System aims to offer inventory management, reporting management, picking and packing, precise put-list, location management, WiFi and barcode system, and receiving and put away. The WMS suite will be for standalone enterprise deployment or for integration on top of existing systems.

4. Delivery Platform

Delivery Platform aims to aid businesses in efficiently orchestrating, managing and monitoring logistics operations of existing supply chain. It will be beneficial for trip management, route optimisation, live tracking & geofencing and custom branding.

5. Field Force

Field Force is a domain-agnostic field service management system to optimise field operations by embedding AI/ ML. It will maximise efficiency of on-field employees by real-time tracking, monitoring sales, reporting, issues management, attendance and geo fencing, route optimisation and other activities.

6. Catalog.Cloud

Catalog.Cloud is a product information creation & digital asset management tool. It will help retailers streamline the product listing process via: development, organisation & distribution of product information & digital assets, AI-suggested product information detected from images, and generation of SEO-friendly product titles & descriptions.

7. Message Buzz

Message Buzz is a communication and engagement platform for product campaigns, chat support, and chat-based local commerce with NLP layers and automated workflows. Message Buzz will be a plug-and-play OTP service, and analyse all communication sent via the platform to maximise customer engagement, making the platform a communication aggregator with multiple providers & channels.

8. Reliability Platform

Reliability Platform is a collaborative tool for Product Managers, Developers, and Quality Engineers. The tool will be capable of dashboards visibility, test management, impact analysis, service visualisation, load generators and fault injectors. The platform can be executed on web, android, iOS, and Virtual Machines.

9. Home Video Commerce

Home Video Commerce will make TV content shoppable. Viewers can discover products within the current frame on TV and use voice assistance to search for them online. Products and people will be automatically identified, and viewers will be redirected to ecommerce platforms to shop or save their recently discovered products. Livestreaming flash sales, new arrivals and pre-orders will make the experience even more exciting.

10. Immersive Live Sports experience

Watching live sports in a stadium will be enhanced through augmented reality with live video replays, different camera angles, heatmaps and insights, players & better stadium view from stands. For gamification, live events can also include AR-overlay of real-time stats, pre-live chat and polls, predictions and rewards, and so on.

11. Advanced Commerce Lab (ACL)

Advanced Commerce Lab is a suite of AML-driven data products to solve day-to-day challenges for retailers.

Leveraging our enormous database, domain knowledge, access to retail network and tech resource pool, Fynd is resolute to solve day-to-day challenges for retailers, such as demand forecasting, stock management, fraudulent returns, dynamic pricing, and more.

We are absolutely pumped for 2023! How about you?

Find something interesting? Get in touch with our experts to work with us. At Fynd we are constantly at work to add value to our partners, and are always innovating. Got an idea to share, contact us anytime at brands@fynd.com.

Sending our best wishes for a happy and successful year for you and your business!

What Fynd has in store for you in 2023
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