A composable platform optimized for B2B

Build smooth B2B buying journeys, nurture vendor relationships, simplify complex operations, and manage wholesale, D2C, and in-store sales on one integrated platform

Modernize your B2B business

Offer convenient D2C-style buying experiences to your customers on a platform built for excellence

One platform for your entire business

Manage everything from wholesale and D2C to in-store commerce on one integrated platform

Seamless B2B buying

Customize the buying journey with B2B-optimized features like dynamic pricing, custom storefronts, easy repurchases, etc.

Sales-led platform

Nurture leads, manage customer data, and organize sales tasks with our integrated CRM

Effective vendor management

Build strong vendor relationships with personalized profiles, custom catalogs and pricing, and easy quote approval

Optimize with AI

Leverage AI to increase efficiency with modules for demand forecasting, assortment planning, quote management, and more

Manage your growing business seamlessly

Expand to new markets in no time. Manage your wholesale, D2C, and other business models all on one integrated platform

What makes us a future-forward B2B platform?

Explore our comprehensive features that address every b2b use case

Your perfect companion for modern retail

The latest in retail tech, powered by Fynd Commerce Platform


Plug in with any pre-purchase experience platform and manage your fulfillment operations seamlessly


100% composable components that allow you to build your supply chain systems the way you want


Build highly adaptable and agile workflows that change with market trends


Endlessly scalable and disruption-resilient solutions built on the cloud


Intuitive UI and easy-to-use no-code editors to make your tasks easier

A integration of B2B and Commerce API's

Integrate with the tools you love

Tailor a B2B platform perfect for your business with API integrations. Connect with the ERP, POS, OMS, and other systems you trust, or leverage Fynd’s extensive commerce solutions

Frequently asked questions

What is a B2B commerce platform?

B2B commerce, or business-to-business commerce, involves transactions and sales between two businesses, such as wholesalers selling to retailers, focusing on bulk, repeat, or customized orders tailored to business needs.

Which ecommerce platform is best for B2B?

The best B2B eCommerce platform should offer tailored features, scalability, and robust integrations. Fynd's B2B platform excels by providing an intuitive, customizable experience for wholesale and manufacturing businesses. It simplifies managing bulk orders and custom pricing, supports ERP and CRM integrations, and has mobile access for business management on the go.

What are the benefits of B2B eCommerce?

Benefits include expanded market reach, increased sales efficiency, 24/7 ordering capabilities, enhanced customer service through personalized experiences, and streamlined operations with integrated supply chain management.

What is a B2B marketplace platform?

A B2B marketplace platform is one of the solutions Fynd offers, creating an online space where businesses can sell and buy products or services from each other. This platform supports bulk transactions, customized pricing, and caters to the specific needs of various industries, simplifying the procurement process for both buyers and sellers.

What is a B2B ordering platform?

A B2B ordering platform, such as the one provided by Fynd, streamlines the process of placing and managing bulk orders for businesses. With features designed for custom pricing, quote management, and efficient order management, it facilitates seamless transactions between businesses and wholesalers.
Redefining Retail
Innovative Technology
Elevating Experiences
Redefining Retail
Innovative Technology
Elevating Experiences
Redefining Retail
Innovative Technology
Elevating Experiences
Redefining Retail
Innovative Technology
Elevating Experiences
Redefining Retail
Innovative Technology
Elevating Experiences
Redefining Retail
Innovative Technology
Elevating Experiences
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