Top 5 Retail Brands that used Fynd to Master Omnichannel Retailing

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There is a lot of buzz around Fynd revolutionizing the retail industry with its omnichannel strategy. In today's disruptive retail market, Fynd offers a unique omnichannel Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution that empowers retailers with the tools they need to win in today's challenging retail environment.

There are a lot of premium & luxury brands that are using Fynd's omnichannel solutions. It has made it easier for such businesses to set up an online store and made it easier for brick-and-mortar retailers to get a slice of the e-commerce pie. 

One of the main reasons retail brands are switching to Fynd is that it has made it easy to grow a loyal customer base and build their impactful presence on integrated online & offline channels. Here are 5 of the most influential & well known retail brands that used Fynd omnichannel solutions to achieve tremendous growth in the retail industry.


Celio is a leading men's ready-to-wear brand, present in more than 50 countries with +1100 stores. The brand offers fashionable & stylish urban fashion through its integrated style, responding to every desire and moment of life. Its collection reflects the European roots with an effortless style for men in polos, t-shirts, shirts, winter wear, denim, chinos, accessories, etc.

Onboarding with Fynd

Celio was the first brand under the third-party marketplaces PPMP Omni model. The brand has been working with Fynd since 2017 with Fynd Store- endless aisle and assistive sales in-store solution. Celio’s eCommerce website Celio.in launched in 2019, is powered by Fynd Open API. All of this together contributes to 12% incremental sales across the brand.

Challenges faced by Celio

1. Catalog coverage: Numerous products introduced by Fynd could not find a place in the catalog due to the unavailability of images. This impacted sales as customers could not find new Celio products in the catalog.

2. Myntra EORS Readiness: Special packaging, cataloging & technical requirements made it difficult for the brand to be a part of Myntra End of Reason Sale (EORS) – a sales initiative by Myntra to offer one million styles from over 5000 brands.

3. Omnichannel coverage: The biggest challenge was going omnichannel as the majority of the sales were from offline stores.

4. Operational scalability: Celio stores were unprepared to cater to thousands of orders from customers, pack and dispatch orders on a scale.

4. SM/RSM adoption: While placing orders or making payments

Solutions provided by Fynd

Celio wanted to provide a seamless shopping experience to customers, from product discovery to a product purchase through any available channel. The ultimate omnichannel management suite from Fynd enabled Celio to provide its customers with the latest fashion from the stores to their homes at the click of a button.

1. Enterprise support: It assisted in packaging projections and estimated purchases in advance and helped real-time inventory syncing between Celio stores and Myntra to be sales-ready.

2. Store process & training: Store resources were trained, and processes were set to pack and dispatch about 300 orders daily.

3. Incentives and training: They were designed to improve technology adoption at stores.

4. Imageless & hidden closet: This feature helped the brand list and search products without images.

5. Website, Endless Aisle & Marketplace: They together helped in complete sales coverage through all available online & offline channels.

Key achievements after implementing Fynd omnichannel solutions 

Celio grew their store sales by 12% through Fynd’s Omnichannel solutions. Here is the sales breakup:

Celio grew their store sales by 12% through Fynd’s Omnichannel solutions

  • +11.6% sales from celio.in
  • 81.3% sales from Myntra
  • 7.1% from Fynd + Fynd store


Spykar is a renowned denim brand of India with a passion for creative innovation and eagerness to stay up with the ever-changing dynamics of the global fashion market for the ‘Young & Restless’ youth of today.

Onboarding with Fynd

Onboarding with Fynd

Jan 2016: Started with Fynd.com

May 2019: Started with Fynd Store

Sep 2019: Spykar’s website integration with Fynd

Feb 2020 to Oct 2020: Live on 3P Marketplaces like Tata Cliq, Myntra, Flipkart, Amazon 

Challenges faced by Spykar

  • Reduce dependency on warehousing by developing a direct billing model where Spykar sells directly to the customer via its franchise store network.
  • Connect 200+ franchise store inventory on all online channels for fast availability of latest products, better inventory management, and reduced logistics cost.
  • Bring back complete inventory control to Spykar, enabling them to keep their entire product catalog available for online and offline retailing.

Solutions provided by Fynd

1. Setting up Fynd Store endless aisle solution

Fynd’s  endless aisle solution helped eliminate the risk of losing a customer if a product was unavailable in-store. Spykar’s Store Associate can place an order for customers on the Fynd Store app and get it delivered directly to their home.

The solution also provided franchisees with inventory flexibility, allowing them to showcase products without taking inventory while also earning commissions for facilitating a sale.

2. Restructuring the franchise program

Earlier, there was a 50% allocation of sales to both the ordering store and the fulfillment store, due to which neither were able to accomplish their goals for the allocated period.

Fynd changed the model to Fynd Commission, in which the fulfillment store received 100% of the sale, and the ordering store received commissions from both Fynd and Spykar. This model reduced friction between the stores & helped in the early adoption of Fynd store solutions at ordering stores.

3. Integrating inventory points within the website

Spykar's website was hosted by a third-party platform, which made implementing single view inventory difficult. Spykar and their website partner integrated with the Fynd Order Management System (OMS) to get a real-time and unified view of inventory from stores and warehouses to implement omnichannel retailing on their website. This configuration allowed Spykar to manage and fulfill orders from a centralized Fynd OMS. 

4. Setting up marketplaces under the Spykar umbrella

Fynd noticed that each Spykar Franchisee was selling as a separate seller who had the following inefficiencies:

  • Each franchise was required to sign a legal and commercial agreement with all marketplace.
  • Each franchise was responsible for managing account reconciliation with all marketplaces independently.
  • As each franchise store was registered as a separate seller, hopping between them was impossible.

Fynd collaborated with Spykar to consolidate all of their franchises under a single umbrella to address the challenges mentioned above, with Spykar registered as a seller on each marketplace.

It required compliance, legal, and technical billing changes between Spykar and their franchises. As a result of these structural changes, Spykar could now list its 200+ stores on all marketplaces. Due to unified inventory, the brand's sales increased by 28%.

Key achievements after implementing Fynd omnichannel solutions 

Key achievements after implementing Fynd omnichannel solutions 

  • 10% to 15% additional contribution to store sales
  • 3% to 7% improvement in sell through at stores
  • 50% additional contribution to store sales during pandemic


Steve Madden is one of the iconic footwear brands headquartered in New York. It has more than 27 stores across nine major cities in India, including Delhi-NCR, Mumbai Chennai, Pune, Bengaluru & Kolkata.

Onboarding with Fynd

Onboarding with Fynd

Jan 2017: Fynd store was integrated by Steve Madden

Feb 2017: Fynd collaborates with 20 brand outlets of Steve Madden

2022: 31 Steve Madden stores powered by Fynd

Challenges faced by Steve Madden

1. Catalog coverage: Steve Madden products couldn’t find a place in the catalog due to the unavailability of images. This impacted sales as customers could not find new Steve Madden products for purchase.

2. Product search: Difficulty in finding products using item code

3. Order Tracking: Order tracking at the store level was difficult

4. Technical glitches: Faced technical glitches while transacting with the brand

Solutions provided by Fynd

1. Imageless & hidden closet feature: As multiple Steve Madden products were not present in the catalog, this Fynd feature immensely helped brands search for products without images. 

2. Barcode scanning: There is no more manual searching of the products using different item codes. This feature helps brands scan and look for products on the app quickly.

3. End-to-end order tracking: Order tracking for 31 Steve Madden stores is a gigantic task. This Fynd feature reduced-order tracking dependency on Fynd’s customer support.

4. Performance enhancement: Eliminates technical glitches for smooth & speedy functioning of the app.

Key achievements after implementing Fynd omnichannel solutions  

Key achievements after implementing Fynd omnichannel solutions  

  • +40 lakh monthly sales
  • 8% incremental sales
  • 99% catalog coverage
  • 8%-12% saved sales


Ruosh means passion in Sanskrit and is a premium leather footwear brand for style-conscious Indian men. The ethnic brand is passionate about design, comfort & craftsmanship and has 35 company-owned stores across 13 cities in India.

It has observed a strong 300% sales growth through Fynd's omnichannel platform and generated a constant monthly sale of 1 Crore from Nov 2020 onwards. 

Onboarding with Fynd

RUOSH Onboarding with Fynd

Already created

June 2018: Ruosh joins hands with Fynd.com

October 2018: 35 stores powered by Fynd stores assistive sales solutions

March 2019: ruosh.in goes live

August 2019: Amazon integration goes live

Jan 2020: Myntra integration goes live

June 2020: +500 end to end listings on Myntra & Amazon

August 2020: Image extraction for 1400 SKUs

Sep 2020: Flipkart integration goes live

October 2020: V8 (Ruosh Subbrand) integration live across all sales channels

Ruosh transformation by Fynd

1. Catalog gap analysis across marketplaces

Ruosh used an outright inventory (OR) model and sale-or-return inventory (SOR) model on different marketplaces, due to which a major chunk of the inventory remained blocked. A detailed catalog gap analysis by Fynd identified different products listed on other marketplace and existing business models.

The identified inventory was latched into the Ruosh omnichannel inventory which released 20%-30% of blocked inventory, now available on Ruosh online & offline channels for selling.

2. Listing on Myntra & Amazon

Moving to the omnichannel model presented Fynd with a new challenge: self-cataloging and listing all products under omnichannel models such as Myntra's Omni-PPMP and Amazon's Flexi-Omni. That's when Fynd's 3P Marketplace Integration's end-to-end listing and cataloguing service came in hand.

The integration allowed Ruosh to list over 500 of its styles on Myntra and Amazon in less than a month in July 2021. This contributed to an incremental sale of 0.1 crore in July 2020 when compared to previous months.

3. Facilitating imageless inventory 

Many Ruosh products were without images and product details, which made it difficult for stores and warehouses to fulfil the related orders. As these products were already live on Myntra with images, Fynd engineering team used them to make these products live on Fynd Platform.

Ruosh saw a 0.45 Crore increase in sales in August 2020 when compared to previous months.

4. Migration from SFTP to aggregator inventory  

Fynd assisted Ruosh in transitioning to an Aggregator Model, in which inventory is integrated in real-time from the POS at stores and the warehouse to Fynd's database. Gaining accurate data in a timely and precise manner reduced order rejection rates by 80%.

Key achievements after implementing Fynd omnichannel solutions 

  • 1 Crore monthly online sales.
  • Released 20-30% blocked inventory.
  • 500+ styles listed on Myntra & Amazon within a month.
  • 1400+ imageless inventory live on Fynd Platfrom.

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AND is a top fashion brand that offers a chic collection of western wear that comfortably combines formal and evening wear. Presently, AND is retailed through over 515 points of sale, which include 122 exclusive stores, and 350 established multi-brand lifestyle formats like Shoppers Stop, Lifestyle, Central etc.

The Fynd Store app is helping AND to plug in the lost sales due to unavailability of in-store products. The brand uses the app as a digital catalog for customers to browse and shop. Due to implementation of in-store technology backed by Fynd, AND was awarded as the tech implementation of the year in 18th annual IMAGES fashion award-2018.

Onboarding with Fynd

Nov 2017: Inception of Fynd store

Now, Fynd store has been rolled out to 70 AND stores PAN India.

Challenges faced by AND

1. Catalog coverage: The absence of AND product images resulted in a lack of coverage of the brand's catalogue.

2. Product search: The brand was having difficulty searching for products by item code.

3. Technical glitches: Customers encountered technical difficulties when placing orders or making payments.

4. Order Tracking: It was extremely difficult to track orders at the store level

Solutions provided by Fynd

1. Imageless & hidden closet feature: This Fynd feature aided the brand's search for products that lacked images and growed catalog coverage to 99%.

2. Barcode scanning: This feature allows the brand to quickly scan and search for products on the app.

3. Performance enhancement: Technical issues are handled effectively to ensure that the app runs smoothly and quickly.

4. End-to-end order tracking: This Fynd feature reduces reliance on Fynd's customer support for order tracking.

Key achievements after implementing Fynd omnichannel solutions 

Key achievements after implementing Fynd omnichannel solutions 

  • +5 Lakh monthly sales
  • 2% incremental sales
  • 99% catalog coverage
  • 6%-8% saved sales 

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We are very excited to share a list of the top retail brands that used Fynd to master omnichannel retailing. Fynd has become the foundation for the companies that have adopted it to master omnichannel retailing.

Do you want to add your retail brand’s name to this growing list of success stories on Fynd? If yes, Connect with us or Schedule a demo today.

Top 5 Retail Brands that used Fynd to Master Omnichannel Retailing
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