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A product catalog is one of the most essential elements for any retail brand operating in the ecommerce space. A catalog plays an important role in helping buyers make purchase decisions. There are two major aspects to a catalog:

1. Images: photoshoots, image storage, and editing

2. Attributes: adding product features, descriptions, dimensions, price, weight, availability, color, and more

However, creating and managing catalogs can be a daunting and time-consuming task, and it remains one of the biggest pain points for brands. It often requires external assistance, such as image editors and catalog specialists, resulting in additional costs and delays when going live online.

Furthermore, each marketplace has its own unique catalog format, necessitating format adjustments for each platform. This includes image variations and content modifications. Managing and transforming catalog images, storing and sharing them with editors, and handling data storage can be overwhelming.

Here is some simple practical math that emphasizes how baffling this task can be for a retail brand:

1 person catalogs → around 100 SKUs in a day

For 1500 SKUs 15 days

This sorts the brand catalog for 1 marketplace.

For 5 different marketplaces75 days with 1 person, 

or 15 days with 5 people.

Now imagine if this could be reduced to a day!

Understanding the pain points of the brands we closely work with, Fynd now offers a comprehensive catalog management solution through three of its in-house products:

PixelBin → Catalog Transformation Tool → Boltic

PixelBin → Catalog Transformation Tool → Boltic

1. PixelBin: Your All-in-One Ecommerce Catalog Image Solution

1. PixelBin: Your All-in-One Ecommerce Catalog Image Solution

PixelBin is a robust platform designed to handle all your ecommerce catalog image storage and transformation needs. PixelBin offers a variety of features that seamlessly superimpose on your end-to-end catalog image journey.

Image Storage → Image Transformations → Quick Delivery → Integrations

a) Storage

PixelBin offers a comprehensive platform that streamlines the storage process, enhances accessibility, and ensures the security of valuable catalog assets.

Cloud-Based Storage: With PixelBin, you can say goodbye to the hassle of multiple uploads, downloads and managing local servers or external hard drives. Not only does it reduce the hassle, but it also reduces the cost of storage on platforms like DropBox or Google Drive. It also ensures that your entire catalog of images is securely stored in a centralized location, eliminating the risk of data loss and providing easy accessibility from anywhere, anytime.

Efficient Organization: PixelBin enables you to organize and categorize your catalog images with ease. You can create folders, subfolders, and tags, making it simple to navigate through your extensive image library. Whether you need to locate specific product images or retrieve previous versions, PixelBin's intuitive organization system ensures efficient catalog management.

Collaborative Workflow: Collaborating with image editors, catalog specialists, or external teams becomes seamless with PixelBin. You can easily share access to specific folders or images, allowing multiple stakeholders to work simultaneously. This eliminates the need for time-consuming back-and-forth communication and ensures a smooth workflow.

Version Control: Keeping track of different versions of catalog images can be challenging. PixelBin simplifies this process by offering version control features. You can easily compare and revert to previous versions of images, ensuring accuracy and consistency in your catalog.

Data Security: Protecting your valuable catalog assets is of utmost importance. PixelBin provides robust security measures, including encryption, access controls, and regular backups, to safeguard your catalog images from unauthorized access or data loss. With PixelBin, you can have peace of mind knowing that your catalog data is secure and protected.

Integration Capabilities: PixelBin seamlessly integrates with your existing tech stack, allowing for a smooth transition and efficient workflows. Whether you use popular ecommerce platforms, content management systems, or other tools, PixelBin's APIs enable seamless integration, ensuring a cohesive catalog management process.

b) Transformations


PixelBin offers two types of image transformations: 

1. Basic Transformations.

2. AI Transformations

i. Basic Transformations

These are an array of features that include transformations like resizing, extending, trimming, compressing, extracting, and rotating images. These transformations significantly help you to optimize your images in compliance with the needs of different marketplaces. 

For example, applying a combination of transformations like:

background removal → adding a white background → resizing image to → increasing the DRI to

The above transformation would transform your existing image to suit Amazon’s catalog requirements. And you can perform these transformations in large batches. You can create this preset and apply it to your entire catalog or folder in bulk.

All you have to do is edit and paste the preset in the URL! Tasks that take up 2-3 weeks, additional human resources, and costs are now reduced to seconds with no additional manpower.

Bulk transformations save significant time and effort compared to manual transformations. and simplifies the process of transforming catalog images for different marketplaces. Works like a magic wand!

ii. AI Transformations

Here are the different transformative AI features available on PixelBin:

Background Removal: PixelBin's AI algorithms can intelligently remove or modify image backgrounds. By eliminating distracting elements or replacing backgrounds, you can create a cohesive and professional look for your product images.

Upscaling Image Resolution: With PixelBin, you can enhance the resolution of your catalog images. This AI-powered feature improves image quality, ensuring that your products are showcased in their best light, even when zoomed in.

Watermark Removal: If your catalog images contain watermarks, PixelBin's AI-powered transformation can remove them seamlessly. This allows for a clean and professional presentation of your products across multiple marketplaces.

Success Story: Leading ecomm brand reduces time-to-market by 60% with PixelBin

Here is how a leading ecommerce brand leverages Pixelbin’s real-time bulk transformations to overhaul its catalog generation and delivery processes completely.

Features used

  • AI transformation: Background Removal
  • Basic transformation: Object Center > padding > resize



Before PixelBin

(Images per DAY)

With PixelBin

(Images per HOUR)

 Background removal 700 500
Dimension resize
25,000 3,000
 DPI change 25,000  500 
1,000  3,000
 Image compress 25,000  3,000

c) Quick Delivery

PixelBin’s partnership with CloudFront enhances content delivery capabilities across the globe. Leveraging the Content Delivery Network (CDN), businesses can ensure that their assets, such as images, videos, and web pages, are delivered swiftly to users worldwide.

Optimized product image load time leads to faster delivery of images and an improved customer experience. The intelligent caching and purging mechanisms of the CDN enable intelligent asset delivery, optimizing performance and reducing latency.

d) Integrations

You can also seamlessly integrate PixelBin's APIs with your existing tech stack, allowing for smooth workflows and streamlined processes.

2. Catalog Cloud: One-Click Catalog Transformation for All Platforms

2. Catalog Cloud: One-Click Catalog Transformation for All Platforms

Once your images are sorted with pixelBin, you can move on to work on the transformation of your attribute’s format with Catalog Cloud. Fynd offers a web-based cataloging software that solves major challenges in e-commerce cataloging.

It makes your product cataloging faster and more accurate, with no duplicity. You can transform an existing catalog into another format for any desired marketplace within a few minutes. 

Catalog Cloud by Fynd simplifies and drastically reduces your marketplace onboarding time. Here are some key benefits of Catalog Cloud:

a) Faster turnaround time

With one click transformation, the onboarding time on any marketplace can easily be reduced by at least 15 days. It streamlines the process of catalog uploads while onboarding new marketplaces by quickly adapting your catalog to meet their specific requirements.

b) Accurate catalogs

Minimize duplication and manual errors by ensuring that your catalog data is precise and consistent across all platforms.

c) Timely updates

You can list your latest styles and products on marketplaces as soon as you complete the photoshoot and are ready with basic cataloging. You do not have to wait every time to transform new entries, thereby avoiding delays and keeping your inventory up to date.

d) Resource optimization

Free up your resources by reducing their manual workload from months to minutes when transforming your catalog for different marketplaces.

3. Boltic: Streamlining Catalog and Listing Workflows 

Boltic: Streamlining Catalog and Listing Workflows 

Experience the power of centralized catalog management with Boltic the big DataOps platform by Fynd. It helps you automate catalog and listing workflows and simplify various tasks. It helps you manage and work on large datasets conveniently and securely. 

You can store all your valuable catalog data in one secure location and easily access, manage, and analyze it for better insights and decision-making. Integrating Boltic in your catalog workflows reduces time and effort significantly by automating manual repetitive tasks.

Boltic becomes your central platform to store, manage, and analyze catalog data. Here are a few key features that make Boltic a one-stop solution for catalog data management:

a) Automate data transfer

Boltic facilitates the seamless transfer of heavy catalog files between databases, saving time and effort.

b) Automated updates

Any updates in the source files are automatically updated in the destination files. This ensures accurate and up-to-date catalog information.

c) No-Code/Low-Code

Boltic simplifies data management for everyone, regardless of coding expertise. With its intuitive no-code/low-code interface, you can easily navigate and customize your workflows without the need for complex programming.

d) Save Operational Costs 

Boltic can help you consolidate multiple high-cost products into one comprehensive solution for DataOps.


Managing catalogs for ecommerce retail brands can be a complex and time-consuming task. However, with Fynd's innovative solutions, such as PixelBin, Catalog Transformation Tool, and  Boltic you can streamline your catalog management processes, reduce costs, and save valuable time.

By leveraging these powerful tools, you can enhance the efficiency of your operations, improve customer experiences, and accelerate your brand's growth in the ecommerce landscape.

Need help in automating catalog workflows? Ready to reduce months’ tasks to a day? Reach out to our experts for a thorough demo of our products customized to your specific needs.

Manage Your Ecommerce Catalog End-to-End with Fynd
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