Fynd & Go: the scan and go solution to revolutionize self checkouts in retail stores

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Mobile self checkouts have emerged as a game-changer in retail, enhancing the shopping experience for customers and retail stores alike. In our previous blog, we saw how the scan and go market is rapidly growing and how all the big retailers have implemented it in their stores. 

Considering the growing need for self checkout in the retail landscape, Fynd is excited to introduce its revolutionary self checkout solution: Fynd & Go. Let’s delve into the exciting features, benefits, and adoptability of Fynd & Go. Learn how your retail stores can utilize this cutting-edge technology to boost revenue, gain valuable insights, and make your shoppers happier.

Fynd & Go in numbers

“Yousta needs to appeal to the tech-savvy Gen Z cohort, and Fynd & Go offered an important feature to reduce waiting in the billing queues and comfortably complete the in-store billing on their own mobile phones.”
Surya Srinivas C, Business Head, Yousta, Reliance Fashion and Lifestyle

How does Fynd & Go work?

It’s as easy as it sounds—scan, pay, and go! That’s it!

8 Easy steps for self checkout using Fynd & Go

Key features of Fynd & Go

What makes Fynd & Go the ultimate mobile scanning self checkout solution? 

Here are some essential features that make it super easy for your customers to self checkout and leave your stores pleased with their quick purchases.

Key features of Fynd & Go

Simple scanning on mobile devices

Fynd & Go makes it super fast for your customers to self checkout, starting with a simple scan. A QR code is designated for each store. When the customer scans the QR code using their phone camera, they will be led to an m-site. On scanning the barcode or QR code of a product using the m-site, customers can add any product/s to their cart.  In the rare case of a glitch, there is also an option to manually enter the product code and add products to the cart.

With Fynd & Go, optimize your store space by eliminating the need for additional checkout kiosks. Fynd & Go only requires software and mobile scanners, saving high implementation costs and reducing the costs associated with maintaining multiple payment infrastructures. 

Product information at fingertips

A simple click on any product in the cart leads the customers to the PDP (product display page), where they find comprehensive details such as pricing, product specifications, and helpful customer reviews without having to wait in line or ask a store employee. 

This also gives you an opportunity to add details about your products, add trivia notes, or share stories behind the uniqueness of your products or brand. It is a great opportunity to build a connection between your brand and your customers. 

This feature also addresses a common challenge that retail brands often face—high rates of attrition of store staff. With easy-to-access product information in just a click, brands do not have to worry about their new staff struggling to answer customer questions on products. 

User authentication and personalized shopping

Use of Fynd & Go is secured with our convenient user authentication process. Customers can log in using their mobile number, name, and email address.

After logging in, customers can view their past purchases and even save time by adding regularly purchased products to the cart. Transactions are quicker as their preferred mode of payment and details are saved in their account. 

The feature is a great opportunity for your brand to offer personalized experiences to your customers. The app offers tailored recommendations based on customers’ shopping histories. You can also offer exclusive loyalty, targeted coupons, and reward programs for your customers to add excitement to their shopping experience, increase customer engagement, and drive revenue growth. 

With these tailored strategies, you can optimize sales and maximize the potential of each customer interaction.

Auto-applied coupons & promotions

Fynd & Go solution comes with the option to replicate all your ongoing in-store offers and promotions. Give your customers clear visibility of the final cart value, as these offers are auto- applied in real-time.

This feature is a great addition to cater to a niche audience, as you can create special coupon codes and apply store-specific offers.

Effortless payments and invoicing

Fynd & Go empowers you to offer a diverse range of payment methods for your customers to checkout. They can choose from credit/debit cards, digital wallets, and convenient pay-later options; shoppers have the freedom to choose the payment mode that suits them best. 

Saving the mode of payment streamlines the process further, and customers can opt for one-tap payments from their accounts.

Fynd & Go also takes care of the invoicing for your customers. Once the payment is complete, customers receive a digital receipt via SMS and email.

Streamlined order validation

Thefts with scan and go solutions have been identified as a big painpoint for brands. To address that, Fynd & Go’s standard procedure includes running a quick physical audit of your customers' bags before they exit the store. The process is completely hassle-free and safeguards your brands against leakages. 

Once the customer makes a payment, a QR code is generated on their mobile. Before the customer walks out of the store, the security staff at the exit scans the code, checks the products physically, and validates them with a simple click. This generates an “order verified” stamp on the customer's device, allowing them to walk out hassle free, hence smoothly completing the self-checkout order journey.

How Fynd & Go helps you create enticing customer experiences

Any solution that allows your customer to say goodbye to the frustration of waiting in long checkout lines is clearly a win! As stated in our previous blog (LINK), according to Forbes (2022), 60% of shoppers find themselves irritated as they endure long checkout lines, and 57% deem long hold times a profound disappointment. Another survey by Capgemini (2020) found that 60% of shoppers consider long payment checkout lines their biggest in-store shopping hassle.

Fynd & Go is an innovative technology that allows your customers to breeze through checkouts without getting in line and gives you an edge over your competitors, who still rely on traditional checkouts.

Here are the key benefits that Fynd & Go brings to your customers:

  • Helps in avoiding long wait times in checkout lines
  • No need to download app
  • Offers rich product information, aiding in informed decision making
  • Move forward or backward swiftly without losing the cart 
  • Offers transparency with clear visibility of final cart value after promotions/offers
  • Helps in keeping track of items and budget with real-time cart building
  • Offers the flexibility to pay via any desired mode of payment
  • Saved mode of payment and details help them with one-tap payment
  • Sends digital invoice to customers via SMS/email
  • Helps them track or recall past purchase details 
  • Offers hassle-free returns

How Fynd & Go empowers your stores

Fynd & Go is a solution that not only streamlines the checkout processes at your stores but also brings several additional benefits to your brand. It helps optimize your store’s sales and efficiency in the following ways:

  • Reduces abandoned cart and drop offs 
  • Enhances operational efficiency by giving your store staff time for more value-adding tasks
  • Relieves your store staff from the stress of checkouts during rush hours
  • Increases average basket value
  • Optimizes your retail space and saves costs
  • Helps you analyze best sellers or slow-moving categories and offer actionable insights to tailor your marketing strategies
  • Offers easy tracking of your customer shopping behavior for more personalized experiences 
  • Induces repeat purchases and brand loyalty

Best use cases Fynd & Go

Easy scan and go in any store at all times is a preference for customers to save time. However, there are specific times of the day, of the year, and formats of stores where self checkout using Fynd & Go is especially helpful.

High footfall days

In our previous blog, we saw how Sainsbury's, the second largest chain of supermarkets in the United Kingdom, tested a similar app in 2017. Sainsbury’s stores in Central London, Manchester, and Birmingham were experiencing high lunchtime queues. It was estimated that if they could cut out customers' visits to the checkout lanes, their time to pay and leave stores could be reduced by half. So, Sainsbury’s launched stores that allowed customers to scan the purchased items, pay for them on their smartphones, and bag them right away. 

In the section “Retailers embracing scan and go self checkout solutions”, in our previous blog (LINK), we also saw that The Party People store in Australia, adopted the scan and go solution as people had started dumping their carts due to ling lines at the checkout counter during the Halloween season. 

Fynd & Go is ideal for managing increased customer traffic on busy days, such as weekends or during seasonal sales. It helps to streamline the checkout process, reduce waiting times, and ensure a smoother shopping experience. 

Store-based implementation

Our previous blog showcased that all leading grocery chains or large-format convenience stores were the first ones to experiment with and roll out a scan and go solution. The reason is simple, grocery stores have the highest footfall on a daily basis, and people come with variable cart sizes.  

Fynd & Go is an impactful checkout solution for large format stores and grocery stores

Another use case for Fynd & Go is focused on specific categories, such as big furniture brands with home decor sections. People with smaller carts do not need to wait for long hours in the checkout lanes already clogged with shoppers with larger cart sizes. People can simply pick up their product, scan, pay and go.

Contactless and hygienic solution

Scan and go solutions saw a massive increase in adoption during the pandemic. Customers wanted to use their own devices and avoid touching anything in the store.

Fynd and Go is a great solution to adopt in your stores for hygiene-conscious people, especially during an ongoing health scare. Fynd & Go works with minimum physical contact, maintains hygiene standards, and helps you avoid crowds in the stores.

Why Fynd & Go?

Soaring to great heights globally, scan & go is relatively new in the Indian market. Fynd & Go has pioneered itself as a scan and go solution in India. 

Here are some salient features of Fynd & Go that make it the best in its category and the right choice for your retail store.

Fynd & Go displays at Azorte and GAP stores

User-friendly experience

One of the biggest challenges affecting the adoption of scan-and-go technology is downloading the application. Fynd & Go technology eliminates this step and enables customers to directly scan the product from the browsers on their mobile devices without downloading any applications.

Easy to customize the UI/UX in your brand language

Fynd & Go enables you to design your scan and go solution in your brand theme. The solution then resonates with your brand’s identity, giving your customers a uniform brand experience.

Inbuilt marketing plugins to retarget your customers 

Once the checkout is done, Fynd & Go sends SMS/emails to your customers to promote repeat purchases. The order section is specially made so that the customer can check their previous purchases. 

It is easy to track shopping behaviors for all your customers and send targeted marketing messages to promote repeat purchases. 

How to increase the adoption of Fynd & Go in your stores

Happy store staff at GAP, Azorte, and Yousta with Fynd & Go implemented in their stores

Introducing new technology at stores can be challenging. Fynd & Go is designed with all aspects in mind and ensures that your stores implement it smoothly and actively. How?


Ensuring visibility at your stores


For any new technology in your stores, you need to ensure its visibility. Our expert account managers help you create marketing collateral, specially designed for your brand to ensure that your customers know about this new way of shopping. 

Customizing the look and feel of the interface

Since you can customize the webpage for Fynd & Go solution in your brand language, your customers will not feel alienated upon using the solution. They will perceive it as your own and find comfort in using it.

Personalized promotional offers

Tailoring your marketing strategies based on customer behavior and sending them personalized offers and loyalty coupons will encourage them to use the solution again and again.

Implementing Fynd & Go in your retail stores

4 easy steps to implement Fynd & Go in your retails stores

Here is a step-by-step guide to implementing Fynd & Go in your stores in four easy steps:

Step 1: Register on Fynd Commerce Platform 

Our platform—Fynd Commerce Platform—serves as the backend for Fynd & Go. Fynd Commerce Platform will empower catalog and inventory management, order validation, advanced shopper analytics, custom Fynd & Go webpage themes, a promotion engine, marketing communications plugins, and more. 

As a first step, create your company profile on Fynd Commerce Platform and upload your list of stores.

Step 2: POS/ERP integration 

Next, you need to integrate the Fynd Commerce Platform with your retail POS or ERP system. We offer seamless integration with leading systems like Ginesys, Logic, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and more. Looking to integrate? Check out all our integrations here (Link to partners page)

Step 3: Catalog upload & inventory integration 

Upload your catalog using the provided format (.csv, .xls) on Fynd Commerce Platform.

Step 4: Staff registration and training 

Register your store staff on Fynd Commerce Platform and associate them with their respective stores. Our account managers will train your staff on using Fynd & Go effectively. Real-time support is available for any queries or escalations.

Time to Scan, Pay, and Go!

Join leading brands like GAP, Azorte, Yousta, and others that have already chosen Fynd & Go for their retail stores and are seeing reduced checkout times and a boost in transactions. 

Want to deploy Fynd & Go in your stores? Book a call with our team today for a demo and tailored assistance.

Fynd & Go: the scan and go solution to revolutionize self checkouts in retail stores
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