4 Retail Brands that nailed Omnichannel Retailing Business

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Retail experts know that to stay ahead of the competition and cater to modern-day consumers' needs & their changing behaviour, businesses need to have an omni channel retailing strategy. It involves creating a cohesive customer experience across all sales channels, allowing retailers to increase availability, drive sales, traffic, and integrate digital touchpoints.

Some brands have successfully executed this, offering customers a seamless shopping experience regardless of how & when they choose to shop. Here are four excellent examples of retail brands that have achieved tremendous success in the omnichannel retailing business.


UGG has earned the number one spot in the top 100 omnichannel retailers list.  Check out the top omnichannel strategy offerings to UGG customers. 

Follow consistent pricing across all channels: The brands follow consistent pricing models on all UGG shopping channels like UGG concept stores, websites, marketplaces, etc.

Access to infinite in-store UGG products: UGG customers get the opportunity to shop SKUs on display and unlimited UGG products, using an endless aisle of merchandise not found in-stores.

UGG by You program: The "UGG By You" program places the consumer in control of the design process to make their mark on five classic styles — Classic Mini, Classic Short, Bailey Bow, Bailey Button, and Fluff Flip-Flop. The "Bling It On" program enables consumers to transform their UGG staples through a selection of Swarovski crystal patterns and statement-making looks.

Use of RFID technology: The RFID technology allows consumers trying on merchandise to view digitally triggered content on four 65-inch HD touch screens throughout the store, including product information and options, style tips, videos, related marketing campaigns, and suggested complementary products. Consumers can send SMS texts with a product link right from these touch screens. 

Magic Carpet technology: The 'Magic Carpet' technology invites customers to try on UGG shoes and step onto the 'Magic Carpet,' producing all the product details on an LED display. Customers can then enter their phone number and receive a website link to the product to purchase it immediately.

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DSW is a leading footwear and accessories retailer with over 550 stores in the US and Canada with a solid digital presence. The brand’s unique ability to understand and evolve with the ever-changing customers’ needs has kept them in the game and not to miss its most crucial strategy – a highly personalized omnichannel approach to shopping that has made all the difference.

These are some fascinating ways in which DSW is using an omnichannel retailing strategy to create seamless shopping experiences:

Geo-targeted App notifications: If customers are close to one of DSW stores and have an available reward or offer, the retail brand can ping and remind them to visit the store to redeem the rewards.

Use of transactional data in digital campaigns: If customers purchase DSW products in-store, the retail brand can email you about the shopping experience and ask you to review it online. Another important thing is if the customer has added Kelly & Katie sandal to the cart on DSW.com but purchased it in-store. Then, the customer won’t get an abandoned cart email mistakenly because they have already completed the purchase.

DSW VIP rewards: DSW has over 26 million VIP loyalty members, which means a lot of customer data. They use a cross-channel personalization platform to create more 1:1 personalization moments regularly.

Take a holistic view of the shopper: DSW has transactional data about customers, what they are buying, and through which channel. But now, they are focussing on identifying and layering the customer’s behavior across channels. For example, what are the customers browsing and the most exciting browsing areas on the DSW website? They intelligently utilize the behavioral data and combine it with the collated transactional data to create a holistic view of the shopper.

Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus is an American chain of luxury department stores owned by the Neiman Marcus Group, headquartered in Dallas, Texas. It evokes images of preeminent designers and elegant fashion, luxurious furnishings, and incomparable gifts. They are an excellent example of an omnichannel retailer leading the industry with inventive new ways of connecting the offline and online experience. 

Unique touch points used by Neiman Marcus are 

  • Quality eCommerce site
  • A chain of stores across the US
  • Dedicated smartphone App
  • Shoppable Instagram with over 1.3 Million followers
  • Shoppable Pinterest with over 10 Million monthly unique viewers

The technology used by Neiman Marcus to bridge the online-offline gap:

Memory Mirror: The revolutionary Memory mirror technology is a mirror with a camera that allows customers to

  • See what outfits look like in 3D from all angles
  • Save past outfits, so they’ll never forget what it looks like
  • Share the 3D images of customers wearing an outfit on social media and with friends.

That helps customers try outfits in-store, purchase online or within the app, share and get opinions from friends and save their Memory Mirror videos inside the Neiman Marcus App.

Snap, Find, Shop feature: The Neiman Marcus App has a Snap, Find, Shop feature that allows customers to see shoes, handbags, or other products in real life and get a list of similar products they can buy from Neiman Marcus stores.


Neiman Marcus Snap. Find. Shop.

Oasis Fashion

Oasis is a well-known British fashion brand that has created easy, trend-led, effortless fashion products designed for modern life. It operates online and 80 brick-and-mortar stores in the UK and 96 other retail locations around the globe.

Unique omnichannel strategy used by Oasis Fashion:

Social commerce at its best: The retail brand’s profile is directly linked to their mobile-optimized InstaStore. They run and display a dedicated product section on the home page of their online brand store – "As seen on Instagram." The App users can explore Oasis stories, different fashion trends and collections to get outfit inspiration, just like on Instagram. But on the Oasis app, in addition to buying it on the spot, the customers can add the selected product to their shopping bag to purchase later in-store or online. 

Oasis Omnichannel Retail Example 1

Clienteling empowers In-store teams

When a customer walks into an Oasis store, the in-store representative uses his iPad to give on-spot styling advice to the customer based on his shopping preferences & history to save time. If the customer cannot find the Oasis product in-store, the store representative can order it on his iPad and have it delivered to their home the next day.

In-store trends used in Online store

The Oasis online store has a carousel on product pages showing the hottest trending products purchased at the physical stores nearest their customer. The collection is displayed using the live feed under the 'Loved Right Now,' section revealing UK's most stylish top-selling products to the customers.

Omnichannel Retail Examples Oasis Web


These are a few prominent omnichannel retail brands that have revolutionized the retail industry. If you're looking to create a successful omnichannel retailing business, you need to understand and emulate the unique strategies of these retail brands. 

Fynd omni channel solutions offer unique expertise to retail brands to connect their online and offline channels and create one single line of agile operations for faster business growth & premium customer experience. We are trusted by over 600 retail brands and 10000 retail stores for their tremendous omnichannel presence in the industry. Contact us today to learn how we can help you get started as a powerful omnichannel brand with a consistent, impactful presence on all channels. 

4 Retail Brands that nailed Omnichannel Retailing Business
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