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22 awesome offerings from Fynd in 2022

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2022 is here, and it’s going to be great. A new calendar year ushers in great positive energy and we are ready to dazzle you with the top 22 rollouts for the upcoming year.

Amidst the high and low tides of 2021, we sailed and played to our best strengths with a sustained focus towards creating the best value for all stakeholders. The journey towards being the best at something is incremental and requires lots of small changes over the years to achieve. We will mark our seventh year at Fynd in 2022 and are now better equipped to bring plans into fruition.

So, hold tight and make way for positive changes and gear up to plan how to take advantage of our offerings and prepare for the new future.

1. Onboarding Electronics Category

The wait is now over as Fynd is spearing ahead into electronics category for omnichannel integration with Flipkart, Tata Cliq, and Amazon. In Q1 2022, Fynd welcomes electronics brands onboard and is equipped and excited to serve the new segment with same vigour as the others like Apparel, Footwear, Jewellery, Watches, Accessories, Beauty, and Home and Living.

Changes and updates on the Fynd Store front

2. Fynd Store to become your one-stop-solution

How would you like if we empowered your store with a handheld device that would act as a mobile Point-of-Sale as well as fulfill all your store needs—be it endless aisle, distance selling, clienteling, or client communications. Amazing right? We know it and that’s why we are so eager to present the all new Fynd Store one-stop-solution. Merging all your retailing needs onto a single application platform would be the makeover experience for your in-store clients, and ease task management.

Apart from this, Fynd Store is launching pick-at-store feature (place an order online and pick from the nearest store) and gamification of rewards on the application.

3.  Clienteling on Fynd Store application

Looking at elevating relationship with your customers to a whole new level in 2022? Arm your store associates with Fynd Store’s clienteling solution which captures data points from past purchases. Fynd also highly values privacy and ensures that this encryption of all data. With its all new clienteling solution, Fynd Store will now enable you to browse through a customer profile and help you decipher what sparks their interests. It’s not just a great way to delight your customers by valuing their needs, wants, likes, dislikes, preferences, but also helps you upsell and expand average basket size, get repeat business, earn higher revenue, and build high brand value.

Fynd Store's new clienteling solution

All you need to do is enter your client’s name in the search bar in Fynd Store, and you will get a list of all past purchased products, stores (covering international stores as well), sizes, styles, shopping list and lot more. So next time a shopper walks through your store doors, be ready to knock their socks off!

4. Hyperlocal deliveries pan-India

Did you know shipping costs and longer EDDs (expected date of deliveries) are two of the biggest reasons for cart abandonment? But if your store is powered by Fynd Store, you need not worry as Fynd Store is all set to roll out hyperlocal delivery across all stores pan-India, beyond metro cities. You can now delight your customers by fulfilling their urgent demands with lightening fast deliveries at their doorstep by sourcing the products directly from the store nearest to their residential location. With hyperlocal deliveries, Fynd Store will help retailers to minimize their logistics burden by optimizing cost and time and cater to maximum number of customers.

Hyperlocal deliveries will also become available to all Fynd Platform brand website users.

Upcoming Integrations

5. New Shopify integration

Website on Shopify? Surely you will rejoice in the news that Fynd is out there to extend you omnichannel support. Fynd OMS plug-in for Shopify will enable you to fulfill orders from your stores and manage all orders from our centralized platform, including returns & refunds integration.

6. Integration with Trell

Also, we are happy to announce a new marketplace integration with Trell—India's largest lifestyle social commerce platform, empowering millions of storytellers & micro-entrepreneurs.

7. Fynd’s partnership with MagicPin Marketplace

January 2022 is going to be magical for all those on a lookout for some fashion shopping on MagicPin. Our latest integration with MagicPin Marketplace powers hyperlocal 3 hour deliveries from brand stores in the vicinity of customers, driving more sales for brand stores.

8. Increased payment options by Fynd Store

Do you offer your customers enough payment options? More the payment methods, the merrier your customers. Now, with Fynd Store’s addition of Razorpay payment gateway, payment through QR codes, UPI , VPA and payment links you can entice a larger audience and offer them the convenience of payments made through their preferred mode.

9. Support for international shipments

Partnering with Aramex and DHL, Fynd Store and Fynd Platform now offer support to ship your orders internationally, starting with USA, Canada & UAE.

International deliveries to start in USA, Canada and UAE

10. Granular channel-wise pricing

With this new feature, brands can now sell at a price of their choice under different brackets for different platforms under Fynd Platform, which so far was restrictive. This means you can now list your products under different price tags, as deemed suitable by you, on fynd.com, Uniket and on your website.

11. Fynd marketplace to get a makeover

Year 2022 has got your beloved marketplace in a fresh new attire. By mid-2022, you can shop on Fynd app in its brand new attractive look, with enhanced browsing experience, making shopping convenient and easy.

Shop easy, shop more and shop cheap. With 100+ new brands, thrice the inventory for many premium brands, higher discounts, weekly redeem showers and monthly Dhamaka sales, you are bound to celebrate the new year in style. What more, Fynd has also partnered with many new exciting portals for better offers and schemes.

What started in year end 2021, only gets better with offers no one wants to miss. Three lucky shoppers have already won iPhone 13 on shopping above 5k! Check out the latest offers, who knows you could win a trip to Dubai and much more.

12. Uniket expansion plans

Fynd’s wholesale emarketplace—Uniket will soon cater to Southern, Western and Central regions including Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh & Maharashtra.

Uniket is ready to onboard twice the number of brands this year and would step into newer categories of Luggage, Health Care & Beauty.

Updates and changes to Fynd Platform in 2022

13. New themes for luxury brands for their website

Fynd Platform will enchant its patrons this year, especially luxury designer brands, with a new, exciting & delightful range of themes to choose from for their ecommerce website. Brands can chose their choice of theme spanning across a range of all categories, fashion, food & lifestyle.

14. Simplified catalog for Fynd Platform

If cumbersome data entry for product catalogs perplexed you and became a roadblock to get you started on your own ecommerce website, Fynd Platform is here to cheer you up this year with its all new simplified catalog feature.

With this feature, uploading product details has become much faster and easier. Fill in just basic vital information in the new simplified format and you are good to get onboard and start selling on yourbrand.com.

15. Extended support by Fynd Platform

Adding to its pool of services, Fynd will not just help you build and sell on your ecommerce website, it now also extends its in-house support to manage your portfolio. From product uploads, social media marketing, running ads, and any support while making your brand go live, all services would now be available on the Fynd Platform ecosystem.

EraseBG evolves and grows beyond a background editing tool in 2022

16. EraseBG on Product Hunt's Golden Kitty Awards

in 2021, we put an end to the struggle for time consuming and high precision image background removal through photshopping with the launch of erase.bg—Fynd’s image processing AI tool. After a successful launch on Product Hunt and achieving Product #2 of the Week, Erase.BG is in the finals of the AI and machine learning category of the Golden Kitty awards taking place on January 27, 2022.

17. Launch of EraseBG Desktop App

Now, with the launch of the EraseBG desktop app, Fynd is set to cater to ecommerce giants like Trell and Jiomart and several other ecommerce stores, by offering solutions for image transformations in bulk for images on their websites.

18. EraseBG motherwebsite

Users can also watch out for the roll out of a motherwebsite in 2022 that will bring together an array of image transformation tools under one platform. Some of the tools to look out for are the image upscaling tool to increase the resolution of grainy and unclear images and the watermark remover. Each transformation action has a specified code. Once that code is placed in the URL of the images, it is transformed within seconds.

In addition to these, the launch of extensions in future will help people conduct all these transformations, especially for Erasebg on Photoshop, Figma and Wordpress.

19. Launching EraseBG APIs

Struggling to process hundreds of images in bulk on your ecommerce website? Release of EraseBG APIs is just what you must watch out for.

EraseBG APIs are a great way to save processing power and cost for customers having high volume of images on their website who need to run custom transformation on them. These APIs will enable you to create custom transformation codes that need to be added in the URL of the image. Just as any viewer clicks on the desired image and tries to load it, it gets processed and the viewer can see the transformed image. This way, only the requested images are transformed and you won’t have to transform your entire catalog.

20. Introducing Boltic

Bolting in this new year is Fynd’s no-code enterprise grade data ops platform to connect multiple data sources, run queries, and create data workflows in minutes without coding. Boltic is here to eliminate your dependencies on developers for extracting, slicing, and dicing required data. You can now build complex ELT pipelines, create APIs, and solve complex business problems in just a few clicks, making big data easy like never before.

Boltic is set to release at the start of the year and will come with 100+ pre-configured integrations and will support multiple Databases, Cloud Apps, Data Warehouses, SaaS Products, and offline files.

Platforms with which Boltic can integrate

Stay tuned for the big release, that comes powered with features like Access Control, Auto-Schedule, Notifications, Audit, No-code Query Mode, Parameterized Queries, Data Lineage, Archive and much more.

21.  Frolic goes live

2022 is barely here, and Fynd is already out with its multiplayer Play-to-Win gaming platform arrayed with 50+ games. Frolic combines gaming with social media, live streaming, live location, and real-time interaction. Fynd released this product mid-December 2021 internally with 220+ signups, 27 games and has been running the MahaYudh Series where 2 teams compete with each other, each having 5 members.

Backed by wallet-based secure money deposit and withdrawal, Frolic runs challenges for online players with real money. Once off the launchpad, Frolic will run tournaments with live streaming and also allow 3rd party gaming partners to contribute in development.

Get ready to battle your friends, and keep an eye out for great referral offers put on the market.

22. Gaming Marketplaces, NFT & Blockchain

Later this year, Frolic is prepped to mark its entry into marketplaces for sellable digital goods and gaming crypto, FRO-coins.

That’s not all, with a bright new year ahead of us, our relentless efforts to make waves in 2022 will keep splashing throughout. That means constant innovations that back impeccable services, disruptive products and breakthrough features & add-ons all through the year.

We mark our entry into 2022 with a bang and wish the same for you. Remember, the investments you make today will define which doors will open for you tomorrow. Plan ahead on how best you can Fynd your way through making the most of our offerings. Stay tuned for more!

Connect with us to learn more about any of the above mentioned services/products. Our experts might just have the missing piece for your new year resolution’s jigsaw. You can also drop in your thoughts for things you find missing, or ways that we can help you serve better at brands@fynd.com

Either way, you will be in good hands with India's largest omnichannel platform helping retail businesses accelerate growth. Trusted by over 1000 brands and 10,000 stores. Integrate now to grow and manage multiple sales channels seamlessly.

22 awesome offerings from Fynd in 2022
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Redefining Retail
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