How Adidas Kids hit it out of the park with their exclusive India ODI jersey during the Cricket World Cup

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November 1, 2023
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How Adidas Kids hit it out of the park with their exclusive India ODI jersey during the Cricket World Cup

The 2023 Cricket World Cup season is upon us and with that comes excited fans from all over the country, big and little! Adidas Kids released their India ODI Replica Jersey for young cricket lovers during this exciting sporting period, and with Fynd Store OS, is delivering great results and customer delight.

To successfully sell merchandise during a major sporting event like the World Cup, retailers must ensure their collection is prominently displayed, readily accessible, and easily deliverable. Capitalizing on the event's popularity is essential for optimizing sales in a limited timeframe.

Let's examine these 3 crucial tips and discover how Adidas Kids successfully applied them with Fynd Store OS:

Creating visibility

Adidas ran a star-studded ad campaign #3KaDream to launch the exclusive India Cricket ODI Jersey collection that featured prominent cricket players donning the replica jersey. This was done at the start of the Cricket World Cup which created hype amongst the fans. Store teams at the Adidas Kids outlets were encouraged to share a custom video of the jersey to their clientele to spread awareness that also had a QR code for easy shopping. Team members also pitched the jersey collection to walk-in customers to increase conversions.

Inventory availability

Time is of the essence while ordering products during a specific time frame, for example, to wear to a match or screening. The month of October is the peak season for cricket frenzy, and stores need a well-stocked inventory with all sizes available to make the most conversions.

With endless aisle available on Fynd Store OS, the store staff never lose out on a sale due to stockouts or unavailable sizes. They can quickly locate the desired size on the app, place an order for in-store pickup, or arrange home delivery within days.On average, Adidas Kids was able to convert 60% of walk-in customers looking for the ODI Replica Jerseys through the endless aisle feature on Fynd Store OS, with the Mall of Ahmedabad outlet emerging as the top-selling location.

Quick deliveries

When catering to passionate and particularly young fans during the World Cup, stores must ensure swift turnaround times (TAT) and meet customer expectations by delivering as promised.

In the ‘order placed’ stage, when a customer confirms their order through Fynd Store OS, the order is assigned to the store nearest to the delivery pincode and packed for a delivery partner to pick up. This is when the order status is changed to ‘packed'.

Additionally, Fynd Store OS has established partnerships with various leading national hyperlocal delivery partners, providing Adidas Kids with multiple super-fast delivery options. Once the optimal delivery partner is assigned, the order status moves to ‘order picked up’ and the package is en route!

Adidas kids world India ODI jersey

Change the game with Fynd Store OS

“I'm delighted to share my recent experience with the Adidas Kids store. Even when the required size wasn't available at the Ahmedabad store, they ensured the official India jersey reached us within just 2 days, without any extra charges, just in time for the Cricket World Cup. Thank you for going the extra mile!”

Visvas Jain, Customer

The Adidas Kids India ODI replica jerseys have brought joy to both parents and their little cricket enthusiasts. And with Fynd Store OS, the in-store shopping experience has never been better.

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Customer Story
How Adidas Kids hit it out of the park with their exclusive India ODI jersey during the Cricket World Cup
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