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Game-changing Solutions to Challenges faced by Sports Merchandise Brands

If you are a retail brand dealing in sports merchandise and planning to build your website for online sales, here are a few challenges you must have grappled with at some point:

1) How to sync multiple sellers on one website?

2) Do the sellers have POS systems that can easily integrate with your website?

3) If you offer customized products, will the customization details on your website orders flow to the seller?

4) Being an IPL team franchise, you have an official team website with an existing fan following. How will you convert them into your online customers?

5) Do you promote your team by organizing off-the-field events and distributing promotional goodies amongst your fans? Are you able to flow ₹0 value orders conveniently on your website?

We at Fynd have been in conversation with sports merchandise brands like yours and have built solutions to address these challenges, specifically catering to the needs of your domain.

IPL teams Mumbai Indians and Gujarat Titans are already live with their omnichannel ecommerce website on Fynd Platform, sailing smoothly through these challenges.Here is how:

Your Challenge #1

Enabling multiple sellers on one platform

You have multiple sports merchandise e-tailers. For example, Mumbai Indians has 8 sellers—Dudeme, playR, The Souled Store, Shop The Arena, Fancode, Plateo, and Celio.Inventories, catalogs & order flows for all sellers have to be synced for a single brand website.

Our Solution

Unlimited stores and locations on Fynd Platform

Unlimited stores and locations on Fynd Platform

Websites built on Fynd Platform are powered to list multiple sellers and activate multiple locations for fulfilment on a single account. The website, thus built, functions like a marketplace with multiple merchandise sellers on a common platform.

While the central control remains with the registered brand, all sellers can individually manage their order creation, invoicing, processing, shipments, cancellations, exchange & returns on the seller panel.

Your Challenge #2

POS integrations for all sellers

Different sellers use different POS systems at their fulfilment centres. If your website solution is incompatible with integrating all POS and ERP systems, it impacts offering smooth order fulfilment to the end customers.

Our Solution

Multiple POS integrations

Multiple POS integrations

Fynd Platform has 50+ inbuilt POS, ERP & WMS integrations like Logic, Ginesys, SAP, Increff and Wondersoft. Apart from these, Fynd also has capabilities to custom-build integrations with other POS & ERP systems, if required.

Your Challenge #3

Product customisations

Catering to your fans’ demands and tapping into opportunities for higher sales, you offer jerseys and other products with name customizations.Your website does not support customized details the customer enters to flow to your sellers along with the order.

Our Solution

Fynd-enabled websites supports customized order-processing

Fynd-enabled websites supports customized order-processing Fynd Platform

Fynd Platform built an architecture that supports customized orders.Customer information and customization requirements are captured at order creation, and details flow to the seller along with the order.

Your Challenge #4

Converting brand website fans to potential customers

You have your team's website that is not intended for direct online merchandise sales. However, it builds up a community through memberships and logins for fans and visitors.

Now, how to convert these members into potential customers for brand merchandise? How to tap the data captured on these logins and leverage it for merchandise sales?

Our Solution

Unified Login

Fynd’s unified login feature allows single login credentials on multiple websites. Team website visitors can also use the same login credentials on the brand’s ecommerce website.

Brand can also capture customer data from one website and leverage it on the other. Notifications and promotional messages for ecommerce sales can be sent to the members registered on the official website.

Your Challenge #5

Order processing of free promotional goodies

You organize off-the-field events to engage and connect with team fans. Offering free goodies, also listed on your website, is a great way to reward loyal customers and promote brand merchandise. However, it is operationally challenging to process orders with ₹0 value.

Our Solution

100% Discount coupon or Delivery Challans

Unified Login

Fynd built an option to create Delivery Challans for free products offered to the brand’s loyal customers. A Delivery Challan helps in the smooth processing of orders with 100% discounts. Stores hand over the products to delivery partners using this Challan with ₹0 value instead of an invoice with the actual amount.

Customized features by Fynd

Apart from addressing the unique challenges of sports merchandise brands, Fynd has also built some customized features to enhance the end customer experience on special demands of brands like Mumbai Indians & Gujarat Titans.

Here is a list of these features:

1. Product ratings & review: Allows customers to rate and review the products listed on the website, enabled through a custom-built extension on Fynd Platform

Customized features by Fynd

2. WhatsApp integrations: Allows online customers to receive order notifications and status updates on WhatsApp, other than email and SMS. A static WhatsApp bot added at the homepage footer helps customers directly reach out for the brand's customer support. With a dynamic WhatsApp bot brands can send promotional WhatsApp messages to customers based on the catalog integrated into Fynd platform.

3. Partial COD configuration: Gives brand the liberty to select the mode of payment at the product level. Brand can enable COD only for some products, while the rest are on prepaid only.

4. Multiple product tags: Brands can custom-create labels such as “New Arrival”, “Latest”, “% off”, “Fan Fav”, “2023 range” etc. and multi-tag listed products with these.

5. Variant swatches: Helps brands to display other colors and variants of the same product on the product display page.

Variant swatches

6. Subscribe to the newsletter tab at the home page's footer: Helps brands to send automated promotional and newsletter content on the email ids that visitors enter in this tab.

7. Replicating global theme on the merchandise website: Fynd Platform's DIY platform with several built-in themes & functionalities for the storefront enables brands to build their webstores quickly and easily. For customized requirements, Fynd has in-house designers and also collaborates with third parties.

For MI & GT websites, Fynd built Figma files replicating their official website color themes, look and feel. We also added Facebook and Google links with logos and a testimonial section in the footer on the login page upon customized requests.

8. Exchange & returns: Fynd websites are enabled with automated exchanges and returns.

In this blog, we covered some special features built especially to suit the need of sports merchandise brands. Other than these, basic features offered by Fynds' website solutions are an added advantage for sports merchandise brands. For more details, you can also download our white paper on 'Monetizing the sports merchandising game on the right platform'.

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