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Build it. Scale it. All in Fynd Platform

January 19, 2021 |
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A lot goes in to start an online business. It can be hard to learn and prioritize the many steps needed to sell a product online. But if you have a great product, understand the market for it, and have researched the ecommerce platforms to list your products, then you are ready! Take action, do not get overwhelmed by envisioning the long journey from idea to success.

Begin with the basics, come up with a business name and register your business. A good business name will set the tone for your online store and will instantly bring you the right attention.

Start Selling Online

Fynd Platform gives you the tools to build your website your way and helps you take all your actions from one place. Launch faster, market products, establish your brand online and scale when you feel its time.

For a flawless start, read through our strategies to set up an online store for your products.

Build an Attractive, Optimized Website

Your website, specifically your homepage is the shop window that will attract browsing shoppers into looking deeper. Pick from our selection of beautiful templates to create a professional design that matches with your brand personality. Plan the high visibility spaces effectively to showcase your best products and USPs. User experience is critical, and we take steps to ensure that the customers experience the same ease of browsing and shopping on all devices.

Share your Brand Story

Shoppers today are looking to learn more about you. They are interested in brands that align with their values and are mindful about sustainability, local products, social initiatives or causes and more. In India and across the world, people are looking to support small businesses. Your brand story educates customers about you, your brand, and values. Use the About Us page wisely to share your story and build deep connections.

Display Products Front and Centre

It may be hard to give the exact feel of a physical product online, but fret not it is a fact that customers love all the extra information that a product description page presents. And they love reading what other customers have to say about those products. Enhance product appeal with sharp, high-resolution images that show individual products. Include a product video or a YouTube link to help customers see it in action.

Ease Browsing

Add easy filters and quick navigation to help shoppers discover products on your website. Make it easy for shoppers to find items, and always specify if something is not in stock. Useful information such as 'Limited quantities available', or 'Order within 5 hours for free delivery' moves customers to act quickly. In case you are a fresh food brand or sell organic cosmetics, let your customers know that a product is 'Made to Order' so that it is freshest when it reaches its users.

Share Product Recommendations

If you were with a customer at the store, there is no way you would not suggest that a particular accessory or clothing would complete the look. Some products are naturally complementary, and some require a keen eye. Assist your customers online and suggest product recommendations based on what they are searching. If a customer is looking at a shirt, recommend matching trousers or a scarf. It may just increase the order value of the cart and give them a happy shopping experience.

Increase Visibility

An individual's purchase journey today moves across multiple sales channels. Why not take advantage of sales channels by expanding your reach to marketplaces like Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart, Facebook, Google, Tata Cliq etc. You can easily integrate your Fynd Platform store with these marketplaces and manage everything from adding products to fulfilling orders, all from a single dashboard.

Be Accessible and Stay Connected

Communication is quite useful at keeping customers engaged and in encouraging future shopping. Send personalized recommendations based on past purchases, coupons, and stock alerts to bring back customers for repeat purchases. Send an SMS or Email, to remind customers about products waiting in the shopping cart, or inform them about upcoming discounts. Write blogs and establish yourself as a source of information in your area of expertise. It’s a great way to reach potential customers and increase your brand awareness.

Learn from Each Sale

Analytics is the key to understanding customers, their choices and experiences. You can gain useful insights from monitoring product and customer data for trends and patterns. Learn how customers navigate your website and understand their preferences, you can input that knowledge to plan future strategies. Data is important. Collect, organize, and analyze everything about your products, orders, customers and more in one convenient location.

Get Started with Fynd Platform

COVID-19 may be driving you to create your online store now instead of later. However, you must make your first moves wisely to acquire customers that love your products and trust your brand. Adopt strategies that fit your brand values and a platform that gives you everything you need to launch—and you’ll be initiating the next leg of growth right away.

Reduce the uncertainty around starting an online business and bring your online business to the centre stage with our simple, comprehensive all-in-one Fynd Platform that does not restrict your creativity.

So, what are your big plans for your brand this year? Are you considering being online in 2021? We can help! Sign up here to start building your online store today. Plans start at Rs.599/month.

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