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How Superdry Amritsar store spiked up their in-store walk-in sales conversions from 13% to 19% with Fynd Store

by Tushar Rathore, Account Manager, Fynd Store on Jan 27, 2022

It is a cozy winter morning in Amritsar. A shopper comes into the Superdry store to look for jackets.

He is immediately served by Karan, the fashion consultant at the Superdry Mall of Amritsar store. Soon the shopper chooses an option or two, however, he still wants more options—he isn’t too satisfied.

Karan quickly opens up his tablet, searches ‘Jackets’ on the Fynd Store application, sorts them by ‘latest products’ & presents them to the shopper. The shopper is impressed. He picks 2-3 more options and chooses to buy some. 

Karan then opens the Fynd Store app, adds these two jackets to the cart, and asks the shopper to pay.

The shopper is a little hesitant about paying online. Karan then pitches an option to pay via UPI. Shopper opens his Paytm app, scans the QR code on the Fynd Store app, pays via UPI, and voila, Karan just punched a sale…of jackets unavailable at his store.

The Superdry store at Mall of Amritsar is a testimony of how to leverage in-store omnichannel to increase store sales.

Let us also directly hear from Param, the Store Manager of Superdry Mall of Amritsar, about the latest omnichannel practices.

Tell us more about your journey with Superdry and Fynd?

I have been a part of the Superdry family for a year now. It is a great learning experience here because of the kind of exposure I’ve got. Ever since I joined, I had expectations to increase store sales. Walk-ins were always an issue for us - given the pandemic situation we all were facing. I had around 20-25 walk-ins on weekdays and 50-60 on weekends. To ensure I sell more, I had no choice but to

Maximise my sales from the walk-ins
Sell outside of my store

I learned Fynd can be a very good way to maximize my walk-in conversions and promote upselling.

Siddharth, Customer Success Manager at Fynd for Superdry, got me and my Fashion Consultants registered on the Fynd Store application, and our journey began from there.

How did Fynd help in maximizing your store sales?

I realized I have to improve our conversion metrics. Being a tier-2 city store, I had limited options to sell from my store. Conversion usually drops due to a lack of options.

Customers wanted more options, but sometimes a lack of these options would hinder me in getting them to purchase more. With Fynd I learned that my store is not limited by per square foot size. I could sell the pan-India inventory. 

My team made an SOP to pitch pan-India options via Fynd to every customer, irrespective of their purchase from the store. This simple, yet effective approach helped us in improving our conversions drastically. Our walk-in to sales conversions went from approx 12-13% to 18-19% in no time! 

This was a big aha! moment for us. We were pumped. And there was more to be explored on how to take our sales numbers even further.

Interesting! Tell us more about increasing these conversions?

We typically have NRIs as our customers. This tells us that they are tech-savvy. 

They would come up to us with AJIO’s offers running on our store’s products - AJIO does a lot of marketing so our customers knew these offers. There were times when these discounts were more and we were not able to convince the customer to purchase from the store.

This was a learning experience because we figured we could pitch Fynd and convert these prospects into shoppers.

If AJIO had a 30% discount running, we’d try and pitch a 10 or a 20% discount on Fynd. We’d then ideally position shopping from the store as a personalized experience.

Our team would emphasize more on the after-sales service - delivery tracking, assistance in returns/refunds, future personalized offers are all part of the pitch.

Quickly we’d take approval from Mr. Sandeep, our regional sales manager, and Siddharth from Fynd would create coupons for us for giving these discounts.

This personalized approach in selling to the customer helped us in selling more while giving lesser discounts than AJIO.

"There are times when our customer purchased from AJIO and deliveries got a bit delayed. We positioned faster deliveries via Fynd. This ensured our customer books the next purchase from the store rather than AJIO. Customer gets the fastest delivery because the products get shipped from our store and we get a sale which otherwise would have been a marketplace sale. What’s more wonderful is getting this sale by pitching lesser discounts than what AJIO gives!"
Mehak, Fashion Consultant, Superdry - Mall of Amritsar

How has outbound selling turned out for your store team?

We’ve always been very serious about distance selling. Though it has been a part of our store targets, we put even more effort into ensuring we maximize our store sales.

We maintain our very own personal calling directory. We pitch upcoming offers to try and get the contact numbers of our prospect shoppers.

Then, when the sales are low, we call all our prospects and pitch Fynd. Real-time digital catalogs on Fynd are a big help in ensuring we always have a personalized catalog ready for the prospects, apart from the marketing PDF which we get.

These calls are never ever cold calls. We always strive to make a personal touch with the customer and all our calls tend to be more than 3-4 minutes long.

Fynd’s return and refund policy work like a charm. It ensures our prepaid customer gets a refund within five minutes of the product getting picked up from his home. And refund within a day if it were a COD order.

Siddharth from Fynd also helps us in ensuring escalations for faster deliveries when required. He is the guy we reach out to when we cannot see a product live at our store. Siddharth's personal touch has been a big reason for us to ensure we taste success with Fynd.

What are your plans for the upcoming EOSS? Any food for thought for your fellow colleagues?

EOSS is our chance to sell more, like every other store. Fynd’s ‘save-the-sale’ usecase helps us big time. 

We are going to pitch the ‘buy from anywhere, exchange from anywhere’ policy of Superdry which empowers our customers to exchange their products from any store in India - irrespective of these orders being Fynd orders or not.

I am more than happy to punch these out-of-stock options on Fynd and get them delivered to our customers from other Superdry stores.

Our Fashion Consultants don’t mind selling via Fynd either because ultimately our Fynd sales get added in our PLIs (performance-linked incentives) which is awesome. 

Fynd’s lucrative incentive structure also helps us in ensuring the staff is motivated. 

I’d suggest my other Superdry Fashion Consultants and store managers to leverage Fynd. 

People might be a bit hesitant at times to use Fynd but it is simply a blessing when you get a hang of it and realize its potential.

I want to say thank you to the Fynd team as well for recognizing our efforts!

Note from Fynd:

We at Fynd always strive to give a personalized approach to all our partner stores. That’s why we have Siddharth as a single point of contact for all the Superdry stores. 

Fynd’s digital catalogs (collection sharing), same-day deliveries in metros, cart sharing, seamless return process, ensures that store teams have the ability to give a personalized shopping experience to their customers. 

We’ve recently started hyperlocal deliveries in Mumbai (prepaid & COD upto 50k order value), and Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, and Gurgaon (prepaid only). 

Customers can also now directly pay via UPI or scan the QR code of Fynd on their mobile (Bharat QR).

Feel free to contact us here or write to us at to get in touch with our team.  

For your store’s success,
Team Fynd

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