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In Conversation with Rohit Yadav

January 19, 2021 |
Under The Hood

Rohit Yadav leads the Operations team at Fynd. Like most people at Fynd, he is intent on being positive and having fun while at work, and off it. Most of his days are spent working out the snags in shipping and logistics. We spoke to Rohit to learn more about how he keeps the shipments moving.

How did you come to your current role at Fynd?

I interviewed at Fynd late in 2015. After multiple rounds of interviews and the switching between the two office locations, I was unsure about the company, its future, and about it being the right place for me. Ironically, I was selected however my friend who had introduced me to the opportunity was rejected.In my early days, we were a small team but we were all driven individuals working hard to grow Fynd. I started as an Associate and moved different roles to reach my current role. Joining Fynd at the right time gave me the chance to witness Fynd's incredible growth as well as mine.

Five years is quite an accomplishment, what has kept you here?

Fynd is not just a workplace, it feels like a part of me. We enjoy a great culture, where we consider each other not as employees but friends, including our founders. My work at Fynd has never given me a feeling of a 9-5 job, on the contrary, I feel like it's my company. Everything I do here is with that sense of ownership and commitment.

Operations can be quite tricky. How do you get in front of the operational challenges?

Operations is another word for challenge! No one says that, but it's true. We face challenges at each turn. Retail has evolved so much with innovations in technology and demands shrunk timelines, exceptional experiences and more. Meeting expectations is not hard but isn't always easy. At Fynd, we have developed a unique ability to lean on our teams for support. Engineers automate the monotonous functions to save us a bunch of time and effort. So, we focus our energies on taking care of important things and delivering exceptional experiences to our brands.

How did the operations at Fynd adjust to COVID-19?

In the beginning, it was hard for us. The country was in lockdown, and it was difficult to follow-up on orders and delivery. Stores were closed or would open intermittently, and delivery partners faced barriers in travelling freely. To adapt we focused on communication, we relentlessly coordinated with stores and delivery partners to apprise customers about their orders. Our approach worked in reducing returns on account of delays. Internally, our team decided to work from the office to keep up our productivity. We missed each other too much to work from different locations!

Any proud experiences at work?

There have been many experiences- some good, some bad. But one of my proudest story is when a colleague, Javed took it on himself to deliver a shipment to a customer who was travelling and needed it urgently. It's amazing how we go above and beyond to make our customers happy. But isn't that the essence of retail?

What insights would you like to share with others in the industry?

One of our core values at Fynd is that Consumer is the Boss. If you regard operations merely as a process, it will be a task to accomplish. But if you consider what you do impacts the consumer, the process moves forward naturally, and solutions become quite obvious.

Our Operations Team works day and night to ensure timely deliveries. For any issues you can contact us on 8879975431. If you would like to schedule OMS training for your store staff, write to us at opstraining@fynd.com

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