Fynd Engineering X

Cutting-edge research on productivity enhancement throughout the software development life cycle (SDLC). We harness the potential of AI to help teams design better, streamline production and deploy projects quicker than ever before

Our Objectives

To create an exhaustive repository of all code used across Fynd’s platforms. This would serve as a developer portal and a training dataset for future LLM models

To accelerate and streamline software development processes using generative AI

To reduce the amount of time needed to design, develop and deploy software applications

To create a one-of-its-kind LLM model for

Who can benefit from our research?

Development teams

Software development teams looking to accelerate and streamline their entire development cycles

Coding enthusiasts

Individual developers seeking help/guidance for their projects

Tech businesses

IT and tech-related businesses aiming to establish quick, standardised development processes within their organization

Fynd Code Wikipedia

An exhaustive repository of all code used across Fynd’s platforms. This would serve as a comprehensive and accessible developer portal helping developers streamline their work in the Fynd ecosystem

The Fynd Code Wikipedia will serve as the basis for

  • All code optimisation, summarisation, testing and scaffolding for Fynd’s internal projects
  • Code auto-completion: SFT integration on code editors like VScode as an Extension
  • Fynd Extension generator
  • Fynd Theme generator
  • An SRE-GPT

What's next

  • Generating instructions for all of Fynd’s code. Once the data preparation is completed, supervised fine tuning will follow.
  • From the above use cases, we are currently working on Fynd Extension generator & code auto-completion

TigerBoost Coder

A suite of LLMs with knowledge of Fynd’s codebase. It will generate code on demand and boost development productivity. TigerBoost LLM coder will generate multiple drafts of code using multiple LLMs and provide the option to the users to select best suited code

What's next

  • Create embeddings of all Fynd code
  • Create Vector database to store embeddings
  • Extract relevant data and augment prompts
  • Add OpenAI APIs to generate code augmented with context

Fynd Themes & Extension Generator

A fine-tuned LLM model to help developers rapidly generate high-quality and functional code for a wide range of themes and extensions, reducing the time and effort required in manual coding. It would also be capable of converting a given website to a comprehensive and accurate Figma file

The process for generating and using a theme/extension on the Fynd Commerce Platform would be as follows:

  • Select a third-party website to clone and create a Fynd Commerce Platform theme
  • Convert website to figma design
  • Use figma design and GAI to create Fynd Platform theme components

What's next

Exploring a website-to-figma-to-code approach, generating a customisable HTML file


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