Advance Commerce Lab

Pioneering the future of retail with artificial intelligence and machine learning, ensuring seamless supply chain operations

Our Objectives

To refine the ecommerce supply chain using groundbreaking AI/ML models

To create intelligent programs that enable highly accurate data capture and market forecasting

To encourage collaboration in the retail/ecommerce sector and maintain an open environment for further advancements in ecommerce technologies

Who can benefit from our research?

Emerging retailers

Businesses transitioning or expanding into the online space, seeking robust supply chain solutions

Large-size retailers/Retail giants

Those aiming for precision and efficiency in their supply chain operations

Supply chain strategists

Professionals aiming to leverage advanced tools and models to optimize their supply chain consultancy

Smart address suite

Address correction research that leverages selected LLM models. It is trained on standardized address datasets to autofill addresses and predict potential fraud for safe and prompt deliveries

What's next

Enhancing real-time input validation and bulk address processing

Style snap

Product demand forecasting model designed for both large and niche retail entities. This involves data analysis, regression modeling, and performance metrics to determine seller inventory demand

What's next

70% improvement in demand prediction accuracy

Dynamic price optimizer

Leverage generative AI for text and images to create e-commerce website and app themes

What's next

Increase in profit margins for businesses using Dynamic Price Optimizer

Assortment mastermind

Algorithms for planned product assortments tailored to sectors for optimized stock levels. The module works by importing all relevant inventory data onto BigQuery and applying customizable business rules to it

What's next

Successful customization of Assortment Mastermind for at least four major domains


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