Ustraa Anti Dandruff Serum 200ml, Anti Dandruff Shampoo 250ml & Conditioner Dailyt-Use 100g
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Ginger, Tea Tree, Tea Tree Oil,Ginger Extract, Vitamin E, Water Hyssop (Brahmi), Wheat Germ, Evening Primrose
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Happily Unmarried Marketing Private Limited
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Ginger, Tea Tree, Tea Tree Oil,Ginger Extract, Vitamin E, Water Hyssop (Brahmi), Wheat Germ, Evening Primrose
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*Hair Serum Anti Dandruff - 1.Spray on the affected area of scalp 15 mins before bathing. 2.Apply overnight for best results. *Anti Dandruff Shampoo - 1. Take the desired amount in hand. 2. Lather on wet hair and scalp. 3. Wait 30 seconds -1 minute and rinse off. *HairConditioner - 1.After rinsing out shampoo, take out a small amount of conditioner in your hands. 2.Apply on wet hair. 3.Rinse off after 1 minute.
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Hair Accessories
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*Hair Serum Anti Dandruff - Now fighting dandruff isn't just a shower thing. Ustraa Anti-dandruff Serum helps fight dandruff-causing fungus by working directly on your scalp. Serum work on your hair only for a few minutes. This is a water based spray that keeps your hair oil-free and helps keep your scalp clean. *Anti Dandruff Hair Shampoo - Put together both Ginger and Tea tree do many things but most importantly they: 1. Help prevent dandruff due to their anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties. 2. Prevent dryness and flakiness on the scalp. 3. Remove dead skin and unclog pores, thus promoting an environment for hair growth. Ginger has natural antiseptic properties & balances the scalp pH, thus taking care of dandruff. Tea Tree removes dead skin and unclogs the pores on the scalp, which means tea tree oil can work to clear and strengthen the skin on the scalp, helping to prevent infections or conditions such as dandruff. *Hair Conditioner Daily Use - Conditioning after shampoo keeps your hair soft and manageable. USTRAA Daily Use Conditioner is formulated with best of ingredients to do just that. 1. Vitamin E, that promotes hair health and quality. 2. Water Hyssop (Brahmi), one of Ayurveda's best-known ingredients that strengthens hair follicles. 3. Wheatgerm that contains Vitamins, which makes it a great conditioner for hair. 4. Evening Primrose that nourishes the scalp and promotes healthy hair growth.