LetsShave Pro 2 Plus Disposable Razor - Twin Blade Disposable Shaving Razor (Pack of 10)
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LSDM - 11
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1 N
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LetsShave Pvt.Ltd Ambala - Chandigarh Highway NH44, G.T. Road., Ambala City - 134003, Haryana. +91 9026729729
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LetsShave Pvt.Ltd
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Korea South
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1. Prep your skin using facewash or gentle exfoliator. 2. Apply Shave Foam onto the area you want to shave. 3. Now preferably shave with a Pro blade. Be sure to rinse with water between strokes. Do not apply pressure. 4. If a closer shave is desired, lather up again and shave against the grain. 5. Rinse, pat dry and swipe After-Shave Balm. Enjoy your calm and soothing face!
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The LetsShave Pro 2 Plus Disposable Razor with two blades is the perfect razor for a sleek, smooth shav with a tilting head to cover every angle, and a lubrication strip to help keep even the most sensitive skin nice and moist.. It has Twin Blade technology, for increased hair exposure and a smoother, cleaner shave.The flexible pivoting head guides the razor along the contours of your face, and the soft rubber fin holds up your hair for maximum effect on each stroke. The lubrication strip on the Pro 2 prevents irritation and rejuvenates your skin as you work. Ergonomic Handle makes sure, comfortable grip while shaving. This is the World's First Open Flow Cartridge razor which is specially designed as an "Open Architecture" on the back of the blade cartridge making blades rinse quick and easy.