Herbal Soul
Herbal Soul Combo Of Neem Powder + Mulethi Powder + Indigo Powder | 300 gm
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1 N
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All skin types
Ingredients :
Neem Leaves, Licorice Powder, Indigo leaves Powder
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Herbal Soul
Package Contents :
1 Order = 100g each of Neem Powder, Mulethi Powder, Indigo leaves Powder
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Active Ingredients :
Neem Powder, Mulethi Powder, Indigo leaves Powder
How To Use :
Mix Neem and Mulethi Powder in equal proportion with milk/oil/curd/water to form a smooth paste. Apply the hair mask all over the scalp and leave it for 30mins. Rinse hair with normail water
Benefits :
This Product is Suitable - for Hair Fall , for Making Hair Strong, for Dandruff Flakes, for Split Ends, for Hair Dyeing, for Dry Brittle Hair, for Sticky Oily Hair, for Hair’S Shine, for Thick Growing Hair, for Soft & Silky Hair
Complexion :
All types of complexion
Speciality :
100% Natural with no artificial preservatives
Name of the commodity :
Herbal powder
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Herbal Soul Neem powder is 100 % pure ,chemical free and natural. For ease of storage, the powders are packed in air-tight zip lock pouches. The fragrance of our herbal powders is the proof of its freshness and authenticity. Neem Powder has a lot of beauty benefits and can alleviate most of your skin and hair problems. This is the exact reason why neem is an integral part of most beauty products. Neem powder penetrates deep into your skin to clear the impurities. Neem face packs helps in treating acne, scars, pigmentation and blackheads. The Indian lilac or neem possesses anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties and is rich in Vitamin-C. Thus, neem hair mask helps to maintain scalp health, control dandruff and relieves itchiness and dryness. Neem powder promotes healthy hair & skin. This natural neem powder can be applied on all types of skin - dry, oily, sensitive, combination and normal skin. Eliminate Lice from Scalp and Hairs Permanently : Lice are often a serious problem for school-going children. To prevent or cure lice, prepare a paste of neem leaf powder, fenugreek seeds powder, and coconut oil. Apply this hair mask all over the scalp and hair properly and keep for at least an hour. Hair Fall Treatment : Neem is beneficial for reducing hair fall problems by reducing scalp infections and dandruff. Depending on the length of your hair, take adequate amount of coconut oil and castor oil and add 2 teaspoons of neem leaf powder and bhringraj powder in it. Mix well and apply the neem mixture to the scalp and hair. Massage your scalp with your fingertips in a circular motion (do not exert too much pressure). Wait for an hour to allow drying and then wash off with a mild shampoo. Regularly use of this treatment strengthens weak hair to reduce breakages and increase the growth of hair follicles. Acne and Pimple Treatment : People with oily to normal skin types are generally more prone to acne and pimple woes. To get rid of these problems prepare a pack of neem leaf and apply on your face once a week Strengthening hair quality : Neem also helps in strengthening hair quality and promotes growth of hair. Neem paste is also used as a hair conditioner. Due to its antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties, neem is an excellent way to curb dandruff. This makes hair follicles stronger, thus encouraging hair growth too. MULETHI HELPS REDUCE DARK SPOTS : Licorice has amazing properties that helps reduce the skin cells damage. Mulethi powder also helps to reduce dark spots and pimple marks which results in glowing skin. Yastimadhu Powder or Mulethi powder when used as a face pack can help in improve skin hydration, reduce skin tan and make the skin appear plumper and brighter. MULETHI LIGHTEN SUN TAN : Skin gets tanned due to exposure to harmful UV rays emitted by Sun. This tan causes darkened skin tone, redness and itchy skin. Licorice powder is packed with rich minerals that can help reduce tan easily.Mulethi powder helps to repair skin tanning. MULETHI HELPS REDUCE DANDRUFF : Mulethi is great ingredient for reducing dandruff and cleaning scalp naturally. Mulethi powder helps reduce itching and gives you clean strands. Mulethi powder for skin fairness, but also licorice powder for skin caters to a number of skin care issues like, it helps to do away with scars, blemishes and marks while also providing for required protection against skin damaging radicals including that of UV rays. Mulethi powder for face beauty is known to bring in an enhancement by adding that natural youth boost to the face. Mulethi powder is key herb for acne SKIN WHITENING & LIGHTENING : Yastimadhu (Licorice/Mulethi) has a natural and an attractive brightening property which slowly and gradually fades away the dark spots, hyper-pigmentation, dark circles under the eye, sunburns, tanning of the skin, skin blemishes and other skin issues. Liquorice is known to lighten and brighten the skin. Add liquorice to your face pack and see the difference. Moreover, mulethi powder has properties as well that make the skin clear and protects against harmful sun rays and pollution. Mulethi Powder For Skin Helps Remove Impurities From Skin. Mulethi Powder For Hair Helps In Reducing The Excess Oil Secretions from the Scalp. Herbal Soul Mulethi Powder is obtained from the drying and processing of the licorice root. The triple-sifted, micro-fine Herbal Soul Mulethi powder is extremely beneficial for combating skin and hair problems. Rich in antioxidants, ithelps block free radicals, protects the skin from darkening, controls excess oil production which may lead to acne and pimples, ultimately leaving the skin smooth and glowing. It has amazing properties which helpslighten sun tan, minimize blemishes and marks and fight skin damage, dark spots, dark circles and acne breakouts. Pamper your skin with regular application of organic Herbal Soul Mulethi powder tomake even your dry skin soft and supple and achieve a radiant, younger looking skin, along with giving a refreshed feel all day long. Apart from curing the skin, the invaluable herb helps reduce dandruff,removes all traces of dirt and excess oil accumulated on scalp and makes hair shiny. Homemade DIY masks of Mulethi powder are prepared with other natural ingredients to strengthen hair strands, lock the moisture in hair, hydrate and condition the scalp. This fine powder can be blended very easily with other herbs & oils Indigo helps improve and maintain scalp health with its cooling properties. Indigo helps soothe aggravated and itchy scalp while also explore issues like dandruff. Conditions Your Hair Hebal Soul Indigo Powder which is a Pure Natural product that allows you to naturally colour your hair and rejuvenate them to give them a beautiful shine. This Indigo Powder is safe for use on all kinds of hair as it does not include any chemicals, parabens, dyes or perfumes. Indigo powder does not cause any allergies and has no side effects, which makes it perfect for regular use. Indigo Repairs Damage And Strengthens Hair Indigo is extremely nourishing which helps repair damage in the hair shaft. Indigo powder also improves hair elasticity and strength which keeps your hair from breaking off. This also helps the splitting of hair. Indigo powder Promotes Hair Growth And Curbs Hair Loss Indigo benefits for the scalp assist in improving follicle health. This, in turn, curbs hair fall and boosts the rate at which hair grows. Indigo powder is used for manageable hairs since ages. It makes hairs soft , shiny and helps to retain hair color naturally. When used with Mehendi powder in desired way helps to give natural color to hairs. Indigo Makes hair lustrous. Indigo are natural and healthier alternatives that help you to cut down on the chemical hair dyes. Indigo is derived from the leaves of the Indigo plant which is a natural ingredient to deal with dry and frizzy hair. This powder avoids premature greying of hair and makes them shiny and strong by stimulating new hair growth. Indigo powder also minimizes hair fall to give you voluminous and strong hair. Offers Variations in Shades. Indigo powder When applied over henna treated hair, it gives a lush black color. Regular use of indigo on hair can treat and prevent premature greying. 100% natural Indigo Leaf Powder effectively covers the greys and offers sustainable results without damage.