Your cheatsheet for faster onboarding on Fynd Store OS

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Follow these 8 insider tips to experience a fast onboarding on Fynd Store OS within 3 breezy weeks.

Tip #1: Prioritize uploading catalogs of the most recent season and collections

Categorize your collection based on new season, old season, and fast-selling products before onboarding. Prioritize uploading the latest collections and fast-moving catalogs over the old season merchandise for faster onboarding. Old stock is regularly removed from stores and sent to the warehouse. This may lead to higher product not available (PNA) display on the app, leading to poor customer experiences as well as discouraging store staff from adopting the new technology in store.


  • Lower instances of product not available (PNA) in future 
  • Store staff confidently uses Fynd Store OS and generates more store sales 

Tip #2: Good to have a modern-day cloud-based POS system

Fynd can sync with any POS technology used at your stores, but using a modern cloud-based system speeds up the onboarding process and also ensures smoother inventory syncs, and improved efficiency. 


  • Near real-time inventory sync, leading to more accurate inventory visibility
  • Lower PNAs, good customer experience

Tip #3: Onboard at least one store per city and keep expanding the network 

For smoother order allocations to fulfillment stores, brands must ensure activating at least one store in a city/region. The wider the network across all geographies, the smoother the order allocations and reallocations, and the higher the order fulfillment rates.


  • Faster deliveries for customers across the country
  • Easy order hopping across stores


Tip #4: Personalize Fynd Store OS app in your brand language

Actively use your brand logos and design themes to replicate the look and feel of your physical stores on Fynd Store OS. The store staff and end customers will engage and connect more with the technology when it comes in a familiar brand language.


  • Easy app adoption by store staff 
  • Consistent brand experience for customers

Tip #5: Ensure 100% attendance at the operations briefing & training session

Ensure that all team members from all stores attend the operations briefing and training session conducted by Fynd’s Customer Success Managers and Growth Managers.

The presence of all store team members leads to easy relationship-building with our team, which builds interest and excitement in the store staff to explore the new technology.


  • Faster adoption of the solution
  • Efficient knowledge transfer

Tip #6: Circulate the SOP document widely across teams

During the training and briefing session, the Fynd Store OS team shares the SOP documents with the brand. If these SOP documents are not widely circulated across your store staff, they tend to develop their own procedures, resulting in inconsistent practices, operational inefficiencies, increased errors, and poor service.


  • Brand-wide consistent practices
  • Increased efficiency of the solution

Tip #7: Ensure staff download the app & get familiar before the training session

Once you have circulated the SOP documents to your store staff, encourage them to go through them before attending the training sessions. Also encourage them to download the app and explore it prior to the order fulfillment training session. 

Brands that do this have experienced more engaging training sessions and better outcomes from the training sessions, as the staff asks more questions and clears their practical doubts.


  • More confident and well-educated store staff
  • Higher adoption rates, hence higher sales

Tip #8: Actively engage in face-to-face meetings with us at your stores

Proactively opt for more in-person meetings between store clusters and the Fynd Store OS team. This sets the foundation for a strong and smooth relationship between your store staff and us, making them more confident to approach the Fynd Store OS team in the future. These meetings also educate the staff on the incentives they earn on sales generated through the Fynd Store OS.


  • More engaged, motivated and confident store staff
  • Stronger inter-personal relationships between the store staff and the Fynd Store OS team for easier resolution in future

In conclusion, these insider tips serve as your ultimate cheatsheet for achieving a faster and smoother onboarding experience with Fynd Store OS. An efficient onboarding process not only accelerates the onboarding pace but also ensures a well-trained and informed store staff, leading to an exceptional adoption rate in the very early stages and setting a foundation for early success and higher revenue on Fynd Store OS.

So, follow these steps, and get a jumpstart with Fynd Store OS, swiftly and smoothly.

Not a Fynd Store OS brand yet? Get in touch with us and explore endless possibilities to upgrade your retail stores with us.

Your cheatsheet for faster onboarding on Fynd Store OS
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