How Does it Work?

*Using Coupon Code: GN30 between 5th to 12th November is mandatory to qualify.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who is eligible for the offer?

Anyone who shops above ₹2000 between 5th to 12th November will be eligible for the offer. You’ll receive a coupon code on your mobile number used for making the purchase. This coupon code can be redeemed during the 15-minute sale on either 17th or 18th of November to get a flat 100% discount of up to ₹2000.

What is the benefit of this offer for me?

Let’s take an example:

You order a Shirt worth ₹2000 between 5th to 12th November
You get 30% off on ₹2000 > Gain = ₹600 > Spend = ₹1400
You Get ₹2000 (100% Off) on 17th or 18th November > Gain = ₹2000
Hence by spending ₹1400, you are getting the benefit of ₹2600

*All the discounts will be applicable over and above brand discount

Can I Use any other Coupon Code/ Referral Points to Get 30% off during 5th - 12th November?

No, You have to use Coupon Code: GN30 ONLY to be eligible, you cannot use any other code/referral points

Can I share the Flat 100% coupon code during 17th-18th November with my friends and family?

No, you won’t be able to share the coupon code because it will be linked to your mobile number. It can be used only once and nobody other than you can redeem the code.

What is the Maximum Discount we can get during the Gone In 15 Minutes sale?

Although you can order as much as you wish, the maximum discount is capped at ₹2000 only.

What will be the delivery fees?

For the 15-minute sale duration, the delivery fee is ₹1. This is a non-refundable amount and will not be returned even if the order gets canceled.

Will I get flat 100% off on all the products or limited products?

Yes, the coupon code will apply to all the products listed on the Fynd website and app. You will get 100% off up to ₹2000

What if I cancel the order placed between 5th to 12th November?

To receive a 100% off coupon and become eligible for the Gone In 15 Minutes sale, your order should have a “Delivered” status on or before 17th November. In case the order is in transit, you’ll still be eligible provided you do not cancel the order once delivered. Also, you will not be eligible for the sale if either Fynd or you cancel the order.

Can I participate and get 100% off on both the days of the sale, 17th and 18th November?

No, you can redeem your coupon only once, either on the 17th or 18th. Since we saw an overwhelming response during the previous sale, we will keep the offer active for two days so that those who miss out can participate the next day.

Can I return the order that I purchase during the 15-minute sale?

No, you won’t be able to return, refund, or exchange any products purchased during the sale for whatsoever reason.

What happens if the order placed during the 15-minute sale gets canceled by Fynd?

Owing to the high traffic expected during the sale period, products may sell out quickly. We indeed provide on-time delivery; however, brands may cancel an order citing unavailability. Thereafter, we are bound to cancel an order and we aren’t liable to compensate the buyer.

What if there’s an unexpected glitch, and I am unable to place an order in those 15 mins of the sale?

We have boosted our servers to handle multiple users keeping in mind the overwhelming response received during the last sale. This time, we have taken adequate measures and we will run the sale on two consecutive days, i.e., 17th and 18th November, between 9:00 PM to 9:15 PM IST.